TVP Education Show Upgrade

Thank you for your help by donating and passing this fundraiser to your social networks and friends.

The purpose of this fundraiser is to get the shows to a higher level of video. We will be able to create more show formats and render them out in HD 720p & 1080p if we can get the correct equipment.

Lectures & Panelists: This show format is similar to most of our old shows where TVP comes on to lecture on a specific topic or panelists discuss a specific topic.

RBE News: In this format we will be able to use a virtual set to let us create a full news program with international correspondents, segments and interviews.

Educational Videos: Specific topics such as: Behaviorism, Perspective, History, Scaling, Systems Approach, Sustainability and more!

POC Q&A: Regional Points of Contact answer questions from a public document.

So there you have it, these show formats rotate each week. Same time same place so that the community can have a consistent source of updated videos for TVP & RBE. The channel is already built and has a lot of content there. We are interested in improving upon what we have so we can stay current with technology and viewer expectations of quality.

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