Exhibit Models

Future by Design Model Dome

The Venus Project’s Future by Design model dome contains many scale models depicting the future possibilities of a Resource Based Economy; a sustainable global social direction for the betterment of […]

Future by Design

Future By Design (2 DVD Set)

“Jacque Fresco is a living legend – perhaps the most outstanding thinker of our times. Director William Gazecki has indeed paid great homage to Jacque by highlighting his life, his […]

The Future By Design

By Patrick Bridgeman Imagine a world where war is outdated, there is no shortage of resources, and every human being enjoys a high standard of living. Jacque Fresco has. He […]

Future by Design Review

A modern-day Da Vinci – this is the story of Jacque Fresco FUTURE BY DESIGN is a visually and intellectuals engaging exploration into one man’s vision of a future free from […]

Designing the Future of Hospitality

A Cybernetics City for the Millennium By Benedict Cummins, National Hotel Executive Recently, while spiraling through the labyrinths of the Internet I discover the project currently underhand in Florida that […]

Designing the future

One man’s vision By Ric Liljenberg Jacque Fresco of Venus has been coming up with new ways of doing things for years. An industrial and social engineer, Fresco invented that […]