Organizations we collaborate with on specific projects

Jacque Fresco Foundation

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The Jacque Fresco Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that serves the purpose of preserving and publishing Jacque Fresco’s body of work. The Venus Project maintains a close connection with JFF to maintain conceptual and philosophical continuity with the work of Jacque Fresco.

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The Thorium Network

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A world powered by Thorium. That’s the vision of The Thorium Network. Knowing the obstacles that this 1960’s proven technology faces in the 21st century, The Thorium Network focuses on sharing facts and figures on Fission Energy, a.k.a Nuclear. Proven to be the safest, cleanest and hence most suitable form of energy system on planet Earth. The Blockchain track and trace solution of The Thorium Network places trust and integrity of Fission, no matter its form, into the hands of the people. Where it belongs.

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Except Integrated Sustainability works with vision and passion on the foundations of a sustainable society by realizing innovative sustainable development projects for cities, buildings, companies, and industry.

Except was a consultant to The Venus Project on the development of the Center for Resource Management.

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REACT is a multinational project spearheaded by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology as a response to the 2030 deadline humanity may have to significantly address climate change before irreversible damage is done. REACT interconnects citizens, scientists, artists and governments with the aim to discern the most effective strategies to creating large-scale behavioral change in individuals and households for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other negative environmental impacts. Its first proof-of-concept stage involves city-scale systematic programs for a large-scale education of citizens through films, virtual reality exhibitions, web and mobile apps, social and mass media campaigns and school education to involve individuals and households in behavioral changes that reduce harmful environmental impacts and create positive effects.

REACT currently includes partners from eighteen countries, gradually growing to a global scale, and is collaborating with the communications teams of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the production of locally-relevant, emotionally engaging climate change educational materials for each partner country.

The Venus Project and REACT have partnered in creating virtual reality experiences and in coordinating larger involvement from organizations around the world on tackling the urgent environmental issues humanity currently faces.

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NARDC (Nanniode Aquaponics Research and Development Center) develops scalable aquaponics organic farming solutions that have a real impact on poverty reduction, food security and ecosystem health. NARDC’s purpose is global replication of right aquaponics organic farming movement for water conservation and food security.

Vijayakumar Narayanan of NARDC is the independent aquaponics consultant, contributing to Food and Agriculture.

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Progenerate is a studio for architectural design focusing on sustainability, energy efficiency and building performance. With expertise in architecture, urbanism, research and development, industrial design, infrastructure, and landscaping, Progenerate advocates circularity and self-sufficiency to the maximum state achievable, as well as a new mental attitude of everyone towards our planet and its resources.

Progenerate contributes to The Venus Project with consultation, R&D, and design solutions.

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