April 2019 Updates

This month we would like to invite you to a screening of “The Choice is Ours” if you are in the New York area. We are also introducing you to a newly produced video from our archive lectures named “Imagination, Creativity & Design”. Don’t miss our additional monthly lecture from our Sociocyberneering Audio Collection titled ”Economics vs Sociocyberneering” (“Sociocyberneering” is the name of Jacque Fresco’s nonprofit organization in the 1970’s).

Celebrate Earth Day with TVP Support in New York!

There will be a screening of The Venus Project’s documentary “The Choice is Ours” on Earth Day in New York on April 20th, 2019 at the Langston Hughes library. Following the movie will be a Q&A with a panel of PoC’s (Points of Contact) from New York, Massachusetts and Georgia. Drinks and refreshments will be provided.

Those who attend the event will have a chance to win a copy of Jacque Fresco’s book “The Best That Money Can’t Buy”. Bring friends or family if interested, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Langston Hughes Library
100-01 Northern Blvd
Corona, NY 11368.

Date: April 20th, 2019. Refreshments and meet-and-greet: 1:00 pm, Featured documentary: 2:00 pm.

For questions, email newyork.us@tvpsupport.com or for information about the venue, visit this page.

New Video Lecture

Jacque Fresco - Creativity, Imagination & Design

Jacque Fresco – Creativity, Imagination & Design
October 29, 2010

Today many people believe there is something within them that can be brought out, or that people inherit information and they just have to learn to tap the source. Fresco offers a very different viewpoint based on his prolific experience with inventions from across a wide range of fields and industries. He discusses what imagination and creativity are and what methodologies are needed to develop these activities, which he explains are based on physical reality. Jacque introduces the questions to ask when designing, and, in some cases, how this may be contradictory to achieving commercial viability. We learn the importance of asking the correct questions in order to describe what is needed for design considerations. Jacque relates this process to many aspects of design from blankets, science fiction figures, chairs, lights, houses to social systems and more. He also explains how if you are successful at innovation, it necessitates educating others about your new concepts, and the consequences of neglecting this. In essence, we learn what Jacque Fresco thought about when he designed.

Duration: 36:00 minutes

View Lecture & Trailer

Sociocyberneering Audio Lecture

Jacque Fresco - Economics vs Sociocyberneering

Jacque Fresco – Economics vs Sociocyberneering

Jacque Fresco discusses the difference between traditional economics and his concept of Sociocyberneering. This lecture includes discussion of inflation in relation to printing money, the limitations of traditional economics, the need for a systems approach for social management, and the need for computer technology to account for economic variables. Fresco presents ideas about how the transition might occur in the event of economic collapse.

Duration: 34:00 minutes

View Lecture & Trailer

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  1. I just saw this on Anwsers with Joe and love it. I’m also somewhat like your founder and started design new cities for people to live in at the age of 14. And closely followed different ways to build and designing houses. So i found earthships and thought that might help to bring housing to all. But found people disliked the idea of a tire house. So i put construction to the side to have a family but then about 18 months ago i found aircrete. And i know i had found the perfect building material one that didn’t burn, rot, stops all bug and rodents, and sequesters additional CO2 out of the atmosphere for the life of the product. So after i found the product i start researching it and started two websites and quit my job about a year ago to bring aircrete to the USA. I think with aircrete the Venus project could happen for real. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

  2. Don’t you guys think earth day should be mandatory? People must understand that we have only one place to live, one planet earth. Thanks for having us updated. Great content.

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