Audio-Video Transcriptions

Jacque Fresco spent over 80 years improving a system he named a Resource Based Economy. One of the most honorable things we, as volunteers, can do is to learn from his vast knowledge on many different topics. In the 1950s, he began giving lectures to people who were interested in hearing more about his ideas. Most of these ideas were recorded at his home. He explained many aspects of the system we live in contrast to how things would work in a Resource Based Economy. Some of these lectures have been released and can be purchased from The Venus Project online store. The proceeds from these purchases helps The Venus Project maintain its Research Center in Venus, Florida.

In The Venus Project archive, there are over 1,000 audio and video recordings (1969-2017) containing vast amount of information not only about a Resource Based Economy but many scientific and technical solutions. We have to bear in mind that after dying at 101 years of age what he left behind is what we need to understand and apply. The sound quality of these lectures is a result of the available technology at the time of their recording. Going back in time and using today’s technology to record those lectures sounds very risky, therefore we approached the entire challenge in a different way.

The classic lectures that are sold on the The Venus Project online store, and other recordings, are the first part of the enormous collection of archival content that needs to be processed. The processing entails transcribing audio recordings and proofreading the resulting transcript. Transcripts will help individuals learn more from the content. Reading the transcripts while listening to the lecture allows listeners to understand more by avoiding the interruption of the information flow. We wish to create transcripts for all recorded lectures and we have started with what is already released. These transcripts will also serve for many other purposes including archiving and creating new content for other projects.

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