Human Resources

The Human Resources Department assists to ensure legal compliance at all times for The Venus Project and its volunteers through ongoing communication and coordination with internal and external Legal Counsel.


Develop a Global Working Environment that will allow volunteers to experience a confident, creative and collaborative environment that meets the organization’s needs while providing for personal and professional needs in regards to their unique positions.

Bridge between different departments upon request or when HR itself sees it potentially beneficial to the organization.

Ensure legal compliance for The Venus Project and its volunteers through coordination with internal or external lawyer(s).

Candidates considering volunteering with the Human Resources Team should possess a high level of competence in the following areas:

  • Degree, Certification and or 1-2 yrs Human Resource, Project Management and or Development experience.
  • COMMUNICATIONS Skills- Advanced verbal and written English-speaking skills are necessary as candidates must clearly and easily communicate and collaborate with other volunteers and teams. English Proficiency Speaking, Must pass the English Proficiency test with a minimum rating of C1.
  • SOFTWARE Experience- Familiarity or willingness to learn: (e.g. LastPass, Adobe Sign, Trello, Skype, Google-Docs, Mail, Drive, Facebook, Teamspeak or any other software needed for volunteer assistance,
  • RESOLUTION & CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Experience- Mediation skills are needed to be able to identify and resolve volunteer concerns as they develop.
  • SCHEDULING Experience- Familiarity or willingness to learn Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for scheduling meetings. Meetings Scheduling.
  • PLANNING- Experience in planning and working with Multi-step projects Hangouts, Teamspeak as well as any other software needed to function within the Organization.
  • AVAILABILITY of 1-2 hours regular dedication per week to your chosen team(s).
  • COMPLETION of the TVP/RBE/Quiz portion.
  • TVP NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Interested Volunteers click here for instructions on how to join.