Land Acquisition

The Venus Project recently began design and development work towards our next phase: the Center for Resource Management. This facility, which is a stepping stone to our proposed first experimental city, will be roughly 1.8 kilometers in diameter (~2.5 square kilometers).

A dedicated volunteer team has been formed to collect relevant statistical data and assist with the various aspects of the research and acquisition of the needed land.

The following individuals are encouraged to contact us:

  • People who can investigate opportunities for acquiring any potentially free or discounted land
  • Real estate agents with experience in land deals, or others who can research and find land plots that meet our criteria
  • Experts in the areas of land administration or land management
  • Land use planners
  • Real estate and property developers
  • Real estate lawyers
  • Anyone who can assist with aspects of this land acquisition initiative that we have not listed above

If this describes you and you would like to contribute, please write to