The Venus Project Support

Abbreviated as TVP Support, this is a separate all-volunteer network whose aim is to raise local and global awareness of The Venus Project (TVP). We wanted to acknowledge them because of all the work they do to help more people become exposed to and get involved in this direction.

These volunteers form into local outreach teams that organize and participate in events within their geographical area. These support teams must have one or more vetted volunteers that serve as Regional Coordinators (RC). Their primary role is to build a team of local, active supporters and organize awareness events. They plan and conduct local activities such as screenings of Venus Project documentaries, providing information about The Venus Project at various events, giving lecture presentations, interviews and even Tedx talks to increase public understanding and support. RCs and their support teams strive to introduce the aims and proposals of The Venus Project to as broad an audience as possible.

Regional Coordinator (RC) responsibilities include the following:

  • To attain the tools and skills necessary to more accurately promote The Venus Project.
  • Encourage team activities and exposure of TVP/RBE materials.
  • Respond to emails addressed to their support team.
  • Welcome new members into their community, introduce them to what is happening, and help them discover where they can best collaborate.
  • Attend the monthly RC Update meetings, which are always held on the 3rd Sunday of each month in Zoom @ 20:00 UTC. These meetings are specifically for all RCs to come together to share updates and information, comment on any issues they may be having, and generally share their news.

Consult the TVPS Directory to locate and join your local TVP Support Team.
If your area is not yet represented, you can contact TVP Support admins for more information. We usually answer all emails within a few days. If you don’t see one, please don’t forget to check your spam trays.