Web Development

The Venus Project website is the digital face of the organization but it’s something significantly different than most commercial websites. It aims to provide information to its audience in a systematic way so they are able to learn easily from the vast pool of knowledge that has been collected throughout the years. Continuous improvement is at the heart of the ideology proposed by The Venus Project and we always strive to design and create better content. We are only a handful of volunteers who are constantly improving the website and we would love to have you on board with us.

We are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all functionality on the website consistently works as expected;
  • researching, testing and implementing technical solutions to problems that The Venus Project faces in pursuing its Aims and Proposals;
  • Further developing TVP’s web platform and the underlying infrastructure
  • Maintaining and bug-fixing the servers and the software

Our Website is hosted at SiteGround and at the core it’s driven by the content management system WordPress.

The core functionality is provided by these plugins and extensions:

We are always looking for new people with skills and enthusiasm to take The Venus Project’s website to a new level. We value experience and professionalism but most of all we value the efforts of people that are dedicated to this cause.

If you want to contribute to the constantly ongoing web development, these are the requirements:

  • Experience with any of the above platforms extensions and plugins,
  • Knowledge of some or all of the following:
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • Javascript/jQuery
    • HTML / CSS
    • Apache
    • nginx
    • Linux server administration
    • web security expertise
    • postmaster skills

Don’t worry if none of this applies to you. You can still become a part of the team. If you don’t possess any of the mentioned skills but you would like to learn them, contact us. We will offer you guidance and a learning path so that you would eventually be able to join our team and contribute.

To get involved with the Web Development team, send an email to [email protected] and provide any relevant experience you have with the technologies listed above. Thanks.