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Below you will find current volunteering opportunities. If you do not find anything that matches your skills, please follow our news via the platforms above to learn about upcoming opportunities to help out.

Current volunteering opportunities

Food, Agriculture, Ecology, Materials, Energy…

TVPIAS as on 12 March 2022

Food, Agriculture, Ecology, Materials, Energy… We can grow abundant healthy food while restoring our ecosystems We can efficiently produce functional materials in a way which also benefits the environment

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Land Opportunities

The Venus Project welcomes any leads to land areas that can undergo design development in service of long term objectives. The following individuals are encouraged to contact us: If this […]

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Web Development


The Venus Project website is the digital face of the organization. It aims to provide information to its audience in a systematic way so they are able to learn easily […]

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Sociocyberneering Education Project


Training students by using well-thought-out methods is key if we are to use our time productively and efficiently. Investing time in individuals who will contribute significantly to the realization of […]

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Audio & Video Transcribing

Circular City V3 Center

If you have wondered in what way you can help The Venus Project but have felt you lack the skills to contribute to our other teams, we invite anyone with […]

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Legal Consulting

Operating within the legal and monetary world, The Venus Project has to ensure that it complies with all relevant laws and can protect itself, as well as make the most […]

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The Graphics Department needs people experienced in graphic design and illustration using professionals tools – especially Photoshop and Gimp. We also welcome those who bring new graphic ideas to help […]

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Data-Driven Decisions Experts

The Venus Project is requesting the volunteer assistance of the following individuals: The interdisciplinary team efforts of the above individuals are to help develop and apply reliable methods for gathering […]

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department assists to ensure legal compliance at all times for The Venus Project and its volunteers through ongoing communication and coordination with internal and external Legal Counsel. […]

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English Text Editing

Maglev train

The Editorial team aims to ensure that the text content in all materials produced by The Venus Project is grammatically correct and delivers the message in a clear way. The […]

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Marketing / Public Outreach

TVP City at Night

The Marketing team exists to help gather the necessary support and resources needed to realize The Venus Project’s Aims & Proposals as described on this page: We are looking […]

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Software Team

Space Ship

We have opportunities for volunteer Software Developers and IT specialists of different backgrounds and expertise levels. The Venus Project’s Software Team will continue to: To volunteer, please submit the below […]

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Video Production


Our Video Team is engaged in producing video content to present the aims, goals, and projects undertaken by The Venus Project. The team is looking for experienced people in the […]

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Social Media

As TVP’s International Social Media Team, we use social media to amplify our message and help reach our goals faster. We manage presence and engage with audience on multiple networks, […]

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Linguistic Team International (LTI)

The Venus Project concept city 3

TVP’s official all-volunteer translation house, transcriptions and translations for global awareness. Join any of the highly collaborative, international, multi-interdisciplinary groups in “Translating to Change The World”. LTI is a mature, […]

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Tools for Volunteers

combuter based tools

For many years, we have been trying out many tools and different platforms for communication, document management, project management and other forms of collaboration. We have found the following to […]

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