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We can grow abundant healthy food while restoring our ecosystems
We can efficiently produce functional materials in a way which also benefits the environment


Integrated Aquaponics System in Kerala, India
The Venus Project Integrated Aquaponics System (#TVPIAS) project will provide about 30 families with fresh fish and vegetables year-round. It will also provide a variety of fruits. It is located in the state of Kerala in India, on about 550m2 (5920 ft2) for the fish and vegetables plus another 192m2 (2066 ft2) for the surrounding fruiting tree orchard.

Some benefits of this system:

  • Much higher and faster growth and yield
  • Uses 98% less water
  • Uses very little land
  • No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics
  • No pollution of water, land or atmosphere
  • Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) subscription model – the local families get lower food price and we get predictability
  • Grow a wide variety of vegetables, fish and fruits all at once
  • Can be any size: to feed one person, a family, a neighborhood, or large commercial to feed towns and cities
  • No tilling or weeding. Automated irrigation. Far less amount of labor required overall.
  • Can readily integrate any other good agricultural practice into the system


The team consists of people from multiple disciplines around the world who form a network of knowledge sharing and are practicing the team methodologies in various locations. Learnings are continuously integrated into a larger system of knowledge that gives a more holistic and comprehensive understanding which everyone in the network benefits from and The Venus Project can utilize for all its projects. We are looking for people from many areas, including ecology, indigenous knowledge, permaculture, soil, microbiology, composting, culinary arts, health and wellbeing, food preservation, nutrition (aquatic, botanical and human), molecular biology, learning in plants and animals, mycology, phycology, agroforestry, water conservation, climate change, integrated pest management, controlled environmental engineering and management, marketing and distribution of perishable commodities, post-harvest technologies, food safety regulation, teaching methods, or any other aspect.

We are also looking for people from areas such as clothes, fabrics, construction materials, mechanical materials, thermal materials, (e.g. natural materials, geopolymers, etc.), batteries, self-assembly, self-repair, design, energy, and more.

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