Linguistic Team International (LTI)

TVP’s official all-volunteer translation house, transcriptions and translations for global awareness. Join any of the highly collaborative, international, multi-interdisciplinary groups in “Translating to Change The World”.

LTI is a mature, open, and fully collaborative international team of volunteers with the primary purpose of creating high-quality peer-reviewed transcriptions and translations, followed by massive global distribution of the most important materials produced by The Venus Project and other groups pertaining to the establishment of a global Resource-Based Economy. Check out the Prezi introduction to the LTI systems approach:


To join these efforts, introduce yourself at the Linguistic Team International Forum.

LTI’s English Department

The Transcription Team manages the conversion of spoken words into English text. Original media generally arrives in the form of videos (movies, lectures, interviews, etc.) or audio (podcasts, recordings, etc.).

The English Proofreading Team handles the arduous work of ensuring the integrity of all English transcription efforts. Without a solid (and separate) proofreading effort on everything we produce, the rest of the collective results will be less than ideal and will surely lead to much more confusion than necessary.

The Timestamp Adjusting Team ensures that all of the video subtitles are fully synchronized with the audio and that the Linguistics Team guidelines are respected in terms of readability and accessibility of the content. This extra effort turns the video subtitles into integral, artistic elements of the films, minimizing eye strain and mental fatigue for the viewers. If you enjoy logic or math puzzles, mazes and the like, this is the Team for you.

LTI Language Teams

Working closely together, LTI Translation Teams cover the huge category of all RBE-related translation efforts, with special focus within the in-house Pootle translation system for text-based materials (website contents, PDFs, documents, etc.) and dotSUB for video translations.

Translation Proofreaders handle the arduous work of ensuring the integrity of all completed translation efforts. Again, without a solid (and separate) proofreading effort on everything we produce, the rest of the collective results will be much less than ideal and will surely lead to much more confusion than necessary.

LTI Global Support Groups

Language Team Coordination Group

With a continually expanding list of supported languages, at least one dedicated member is needed to step up and handle the role of Team Coordination. For successful teams, it quickly becomes a full-time role and often expands to require more than one co-coordinator working in tandem. If the challenge of language team building piques your interest (and there is not already a coordinator for your language team), introduce yourself in the Team Coordination section of the LTI forum to let us know of your interest. Please be sure to include the name of the language team you are offering to coordinate.

LTI Multimedia Tech Team

The LTI TechTeam focuses primarily on the ‘end-result’ multimedia aspect of all of the efforts. Specifically, this team handles the more technical aspects of the distribution of many of the efforts of the preceding teams. Current needs include the creation of easily burnable ISO image files (with excellent subtitles provided by our Translation Teams), making finished work easily accessible for download by all (torrents, etc.), creating raw resources for voice-over translation projects (videos with subtitles, but also with the voices removed), removing subtitles from finished voice-overs, providing various format conversions (e.g. creating audio-only files of videos for use in portable players), etc.. This can be a challenging role for anyone inclined towards multimedia tech and often requires several members working in interdisciplinary teams.

LTI Development Group

The LTI Dev Group handles the many conceptual and programming development needs of the Linguistic Team’s systems approach, with all results fully inline with the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) concept. While the most immediate focus is on the extensive direct needs of LTI, nearly all projects are designed to better make all completed materials readily accessible to the entire globe. Since this is a relatively new aspect of the LingTeam, the current roles to fill include highly collaborative-minded conceptualists and mock-up creators, web designers, multimedia magicians, interface designers and programmers (languages vary – PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, etc.). Bring your skills and a whole lotta creativity with you. We’ve got a planet full of life to help save!