Social Media

As TVP’s International Social Media Team, we use social media to amplify our message and help reach our goals faster. We manage presence and engage with audience on multiple networks, including (but not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

As a Social Media Volunteer, your major tasks would look like:

  • Scheduling Posts on Social Media Channels
  • Engaging with other accounts tagging us
  • Answering queries in DMs
  • Helping us with new content (& newer forms of content) planning and production (except Graphics)
  • Helping us revive the reach and frequency of our posts
  • Implementing & proposing new ideas to make bigger impact

Required Skills:

  • Fluency in verbal and written English
  • Typing, IT skills
  • Writing, communication, organizational skills
  • An understanding of The Venus Project’s concepts and goals
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