Documentary Release: A World Worth Imagining; Jacque Fresco – The Man with the Plan

We are excited to announce the release of A World Worth Imagining; Jacque Fresco – The Man with the Plan

Produced by S.O.U.L. Documentary, this is a film on the life’s work of late, legendary visionary Jacque Fresco, founder of The Venus Project. The movie features never before seen archival footage and the inspirational last interview of his life.

In an intimate face-to-face, Jacque Fresco shares with S.O.U.L. founder Evan Gary Hirsch how he devoted his entire life to comprehensively designing a robust, workable tomorrow for our human family and planet. In this half-hour documentary, Jacque, who had just turned 101 years old(!), gives us a glimmer of hope as he describes the conditions needed for people to peacefully co-exist in a world without exploitation and abuse of one another. He lays out a bold new social design where war and territorial disputes are things of the past, where the true meaning of love and spirituality are manifested by translating them into a working reality.

After watching this film, you may just feel you had sat with an extremely wise old man who even with fighting the ravishes of old age was determined to share what he fells is necessary for humanity to grow up in order for us to survive and thrive as a species. You will glimpse a portion of the work he accomplished in his lifetime to give us an alternative path for society to take which could solve many of our monumental problems. He also spent his entire life as a teacher so others could understand the validity of this new social direction which benefits all humanity. It is our hope that you will come away with this understanding and look into and work with The Venus Project as well.


To cover at least a portion of their production costs (over $300,000), S.O.U.L. Documentary has made the difficult decision to request that people rent or purchase the movie for a nominal fee. A portion of the proceeds will go to The Venus Project (in addition to their $50,000 matching grant campaign).

Matching Donations Campaign

In conjunction with the release of the documentary, S.O.U.L. has graciously offered to match up to $50,000 donated to The Venus Project by December 15, 2019. From the team: “Please join us in supporting this amazing effort by their vast array of volunteers to bring about Jacque and Roxanne’s vision of a world beyond politics, poverty, and war.”




  1. The objective for many years of Venus Project was to make a major motion picture so they can reach a wider audience. They are still asking for money in the website for that.

    Now they make a 32 minutes documentary but they charge for it. It’s illogical.

    The aim was to spread the “word” no to make money from the “word”…

  2. The need to ask for donations is the reality of working within the present social system.Unless you suggest another alternative of how to achieve the desired result

    • We are currently charging a rental for this film to raise much needed funds to keep our non-profit media project S.O.U.L. Documentary alive after depleting all of our resources making it. To that end, we are employing DRM and not allowing downloads for the time being, in hopes that it will encourage more people to rent or purchase the film. We do expect that at some point in the future, the film will be made available to all for free to watch and use as they wish, as this will surely make it more feasible for many to watch, as well as share as a tool to influence others by introducing them to the incredible set of ideas and plans that are offered by TVP.

      If you have a compelling reason to use the film in a context that will spread the message of hope that The Venus Project offers, we are happy to hear your proposal, and have been granting access to the film for screenings and discussions, but only with qualified representatives of The Venus Project.

      Thank you for your interest in our film, as well as The Venus Project that we support in many ways ourselves.

  3. Hi
    If you could adopt bitcoin as mode of payment because other types are not so convenient for pple in other parts of the world,I would very much want to purchase videos or support venus project

    • Hi Ray,

      We have an option to donate through cryptocurrencies, which you can see on our donate page:

      We also had previously implemented an option to buy items on our store through Bitcoin but the payment processor we were using dropped support for this so we’re now looking for a new payment processor that does support cryptocurrencies.

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