Documentary Release: The Venus Project by Ecopreneur

The Ecopreneur Team (Philip Toussaint, Conor Soucy, and Kennedy Muise) arrived at The Venus Project’s Center in Venus, Florida on Sept. 19th, 2019 to conduct a sit down interview with Roxanne Meadows and Nathanael Dinwiddie, and of course to film the grounds and some of the hundreds of models designed by Jacque Fresco and constructed by Jacque and Roxanne. Ecopreneur’s stated mission is “To promote compassion, communication, and community towards a sustainable tomorrow.” By the end of their visit, they acquired a very different understanding of just what sustainability really means.

We want to thank everyone at Ecopreneur for their good work on this new documentary. To keep up with them and the extras that will accompany this documentary, check out their website at

You can view the film here.


  1. ¡Thanks to the «Ecopreneur» team for this work and their decision to inform their audience about this extremely important, valuable — in the direct meaning — project! I discovered the announcement of the video in the post of the «Venus Project» in «Instagram» — the final result is even better, than what I initially expected, in terms of relevance, technical quality, and length.
    I especially liked the new interesting questions from the interviewer — as sometimes, to be honest, the old questions repeat themselves over and over about the «Venus Project» — and the decision to interview not only Roxanne Meadows.
    ¡Will be waiting for the new video works connected with the «Venus Project»!

  2. Are there any images online of the original 40 acre site plan Jacque designed before setting up the research center in Venus?

  3. Very urgent information needed to be shared We must save our planet and humanity. We have so much more in common than we realize . This is NOW we must release our old ways of thinking Open up to new ideas our technology is moving faster than out social structures. There’s HOPE fir the future together we CAN CHANGE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • I would like to help and be part of this amazing project. Before I knew about this project. I visualize a way of living without government or money. We all can do this. This a better way of living for everybody. Thank you from my soul. I love this project.

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