Is The Venus Project interested/capable of coordinating with other groups, intentional communities, individuals, to organize a resource based society distributed throughout the current society? Put another way, is TVP organizing the transition itself? Or just providing an example of what is possible with the intention of society as a whole enacting the switch over?

We are not about intentional or sustainable communities living well to themselves. We are introducing an alternative global society. If there are intentional communities that are interested in working with us towards the aims and direction of The Venus Project we would welcome this but we know of no other groups who have been advocating this direction. We have always been trying to inform people, groups and communities about this alternative direction. We can use all the help we can get to bring this about.

At this stage, we are not in a position of power in order to make a transition. We would like to initiate as much of it as we can, if we get that opportunity. We are always working toward this.