Help With Fundraising

The Venus Project is now in the process of designing and developing a major physical construction project known as the Center for Resource Management. This project is a significant undertaking, and it will serve as a stepping stone towards the realization of our proposed first experimental city, and a network of cities that follow.

Making the Center for Resource Management a reality will require resources and support. That is why we have decided to put together a list of opportunities for everyone who would like to help with the fundraising. You can follow along with the fundraising progress on our Financial Transparency page.

Ways you can help

Create Facebook fundraisers

Facebook fundraisers are a very effective way to raise money. It takes just a minute to set up one.

Tell your Facebook friends why you support The Venus Project, raise funds, and Facebook will send 100% of the raised amount to us.
Create a Facebook fundraiser

Add us on Amazon Smile

Amazon will donate a portion of the proceeds every time you buy. Just make sure you buy from the Amazon Smile website.

Here is our charity link which you can bookmark.

Set The Venus Project as your charity

Donate when buying or selling on eBay

If you buy or sell on eBay, you can donate to The Venus Project. (Read more about the eBay charity program.)
View our eBay page

Make a direct donation

You can make a direct donation through our website.

Donations are tax-deductible.

Interested in speaking to someone about donations, funding or investing? Contact