Jacque Fresco’s Centennial Celebration

Come celebrate Jacque Fresco’s 100th Birthday!

Jacque & Roxanne

Jacque & Roxanne

Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows co-founded The Venus Project, which represents the culmination of Jacque’s life’s work: the integration of the best of science and technology within a comprehensive plan for a global society based on human and environmental concern.

Join us on Saturday, March 12, 2016, as we celebrate Jacque’s 100th Birthday at the Harborside Event Center in Fort Meyers, Florida

Tickets are $54(US) for the all-day event.
Full details are available at Eventbrite

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  1. I wish you a very happy birthday, dear mister Fresco! You are wonderful man!
    With all my respect to you and Mrs Roxanne and with love,
    Sincerely yours
    www. kompkamp. org

    ps. In advance as I can’t wait for 12. march :)

    • Dear mr Jacque Fresco!!! from the heart I congratulate you happy birthday! Of course I want to wish you health another 50 years. what would you like to see how your project develops ! When I familiarized with the basic, fundamental parts, I realized that I would be all possible for them, ways to promote it in Russia ! With great respect to You and Your work Alexandr

  2. Wish i could join in the festivities, but i wish you the best of centennial celebrations, and look forward to seeing what you will do in the years to come!

  3. Thank you and happy birthday Mr Fresco , what a great asset you have been to humanity.
    You have inspired many generations to reach for the stars and to awaken our conciseness to the harmony of you great work.

    kind regards and happy birthday

  4. Hello, my name is Vlas and i’m from Belarus, I really like your ideas, your worldview, I have learned a lot from your lectures, thank you!!!

  5. Hello, my name is Vlas and i’m from Belarus, I really like your ideas, your worldview, I have learned a lot from your lectures, thank you!

  6. I wish you happy birthday, Mr.Fresco. You are one unicum of those rare type of genius. Your projects, worldview are culture, social, global revolution for me and all followers of your bright ideas. With respect and love from Russia and me personally.

  7. Hi Jacque, It’s been a awhile since we met but your inspiration for something better for mankind has kept me at the grindstone of leaving a legacy of green values.

    Happy 100th!

    -Ray Osborne
    “For a Brighter Future”

  8. Happy birthday from Australia. Mate. You met someone I know in Byron Bay
    about 3 years ago. He was my son. Your ideas are coming true a lot. Especially with
    modern materials with the drones industry. Hope we can use it for good???

  9. Happy birthday from Russia, Mr.Fresco! Best wishes!
    Thank You for clearing up: “he came to fix the antenna – not to change his life” – for openers!

  10. Happy 100th birthday Jacque Fresco!!! (happy being fuck this useless outdated monetary system!!)

    I am currently pursuing a bachelor in physics (starting this year), hoping to find work in any field possible. My dream has always been to own a house far away and to have my own laboratory in it to do experiments and just learn about nature, myself, and the whole world.

    As far as my current understanding of this world, the money system has got to go. Period.

    I wanted to come visit the event but it’s very far away! I hope you will webcast live or at very least upload videos later in HD so I can show my family and friends what a true scientist is all about!

    Greetings from Sweden!

  11. You are born in the same day as me,Mr. Fresco…was pretty shocked to find out that…anyway :) I will always remember you whenever I will celebrate my birthday… May one day I will make my birthday and look outside the window,and see your project alive… Cheers to that Mr Fresco,and Happy Birthday to us !

  12. Dear Mr. Fresco
    I hope one day i’ll see the world just like you’ve designed it. The Venus project is the most interesting thing i’v heard about, and the World really needs it !!
    Thank you Mr. Fresco for sharing your life experience and your observations. I’ll do whatever i can to make this world more intelligent and more peacefull.

  13. Since childhood, I looked at the world through different eyes. When I saw your project, it was very happy that I’m not the only one. Thank you for your work! I will do everything so that more people have heard about this project! Years of your life! Vlad, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine!

  14. My son has traveled from ottawa canada to celebrate with you.
    You are a true visionary
    Nothing would please him more than to interview such an amazing man in the name of his cause PRESS FOR EARTH.
    Live long and prosper Mr fresco

  15. Happy birthday Jacque Fresco from 23° N and 102° W .Your fan #1 Techno-Anarchist (NO GOBERMENT+SIENCE & TECH RULLING IN ALL MINDS). It´s good to use 100 years of natural resources in a MIND as yours. I wish you can live 100 years more . Thanks alot MY HERO JACQUE FRESCO. your brother, Marktron

  16. Happy birthday to our dearest Jacques Fresco, how i wish I was there in Florida, I pray to soon visit and tour ans shake hands among smaller crowd.

    To me, you are the the leader who gave the ultimate holy book about the art of living in this planet, and to recalled as Humans of the New Age, with dignity and harmony, as it should be forever. Money is to be waved, sex is to be considered rewarding act of continuation of life, like all species, then what could be? but following your plan, viva The Venus Project.

    Live long , keep shining, all blessing and thanks for dedicating your life to all humans and planet as well, our duty is to spread your words, my promise.

  17. Happy 100th bday #JacqueFresco!
    Thank you (& Roxanne & team) for your hospitality in #Venus, Florida during my tour there. And thank you Jacque Fresco for granting me the short interview, which is at the bottom of this post.
    What is it about you Jacque Fresco that I find noteworthy? Well, for starters I find your desire to help others inspirational. And when I say others I literally mean EVERY person on this planet is on your list of potential benefactors. How did your heart become so enormous? I wonder. Thank you for caring for me and others, without even knowing us.
    Question: Did you really disband a hate group within 6 weeks by infiltrating them and sharing logic with them? How many can claim such a thing? Wow.
    Because of you I now have a desire to seek those with certain behaviors and attempt to positively influence them like you have. So yesterday I tried something different. I voluntarily visited a maximum security prison and I spent hours listening to a man who many would argue should be set free. Somehow the Hispanic who fears retribution prefers to remain nameless but he is doing 20-life for a nonviolent drug conspiracy offense. To add insult to injury I’ve read newspaper articles where people have only been sentenced to 5 years for violent offenses like murder. This Hispanic is still in prison after nearly 10 years.

    Is it true that #Chicago once stopped a terrible injustice and abolished capital punishment within their state? A simple review of the death penalty cases resulted in a number of discrepancies being found. As a result the death penalty was abolished in Illinois.
    In the film #BreakingTheTaboo they share how Portugal had a severe drug problem. They created a board to review drug related offenses. Now Portugal does not have a drug problem.

    In summary many have asked me, could TVP (www.TheVenusProject.com) work?
    My answer is, “I don’t know.” But we’ll never know unless we test the theories.
    Whether we map out paradise or default to oblivion, I wish everyone access to the finer things in life. Peace and prosperity to you.

    Warm wishes,


    Watch “Interview With Jacque Fresco from http://www.TheVenusProject.com

  18. Dear Jacque Fresco,

    Congratulation with achievement of your own Century!
    Thank you for all of your great development the foundations of the Earth civilization. You are number one Social Engineer! Wish you good health for your great work! We wish that more people know about the Venus Project and joined it.

    With Best Regards from Ukraine

  19. I would like to congratulate you, dear Jacques century and wish to spend the same amount. Thank you for your thinking and writings. I am grateful to you for what you helped me to believe in the future. With great pleasure we will bring to the people the idea of the Venus Project. Daria, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.

  20. Dear mr Fresco, I think it’s wonderful that you live one Century on our earth now!
    I wish you love and all the best to your birthday!
    As much as I would have it that it is dream now reality! and I would now want to immediately live in your dream city!
    Best regards!

    S. Romero de Castro

  21. Many happy returns Sir Fresco…

    i js found out bout ur birthday, bt late is always better than never right?

    i realy had my eyes opened after listening to u… i mean all my life i had been wandering around looking for the meaning of all of this.. and this monetary system made it worst…

    but ur views on how we are all connected with nature and its laws was the enlightenment on the dot for me…

    i would like to support the venus movement bt i dont kno how?

    i ope that the project meets the goal of “Resource based society”… in the near future… n i hope its sooner than we think…

    Thank you….

  22. Feliz Primer Centenario Sr. Fresco, enhorabuena!, mis mejores deseos en estos primeros cien años, extiendo una felicitación también a la Sra. Roxxane por su apoyo incondicional. Muchas Felicidades le envió un fuerte abrazo y mi admiración.

    Happy Birthday…. Mr. Fresco

  23. Zum 100. Geburtstag sende ich Ihnen meine allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche.
    Ihr Projekt ist gut und weise. Das grösste Problem wird es mit der menschlichen Sexualität geben. Dieser Trieb, der allen Lebewesen in irgendeiner Form eigepflanzt wurde und auch sehr abartig sein kann, wird für ein friedliches Zusammenleben immer ein Hindernis sein.
    Wenn Sie hier, verehrter Herr Fresco, einen Lösungsansatz haben, dann lassen Sie es mich einem 70jährigen wissen.
    Sorry not to write in English, it is too dificult for me to find the correct words.
    Johann Karl

  24. Happy 10 decades Jacque!
    From Tucuman (Argentina) greet you and wish you many more years of life, so you can see your dream come true, which we are sure will be the best thing that could happen to humanity and to this planet.
    We keep all your videos and thank you for so much wisdom in the service of your fellow men.
    We extend our thanks to Roxane and the entire team of the Venus Project.
    Go ahead and successes!

  25. Happy 10 decades Jacque!
    From Tucuman (Argentina) greet you and wish you many more years of life, so you can see your dream come true, which we are sure will be the best thing that could happen to humanity and to this planet.
    We keep all your videos and thank you for so much wisdom in the service of your fellow men.
    We extend our thanks to Roxanne and the entire team of the Venus Project.
    Go ahead and successes!

  26. Happy Birthday Jacque! Your idea of a RBE is one of those ideas “whose time has come” Many thanks for your tireless efforts in trying to make a better world. An RBE is the only win/win i’ve found that benefits the earth, it’s resources and all inhabitants. This idea has been growing for many years. I speak with my grandchildren about you and this idea many times. We will continue to help this idea grow until one day (hopefully soon) it becomes a reality. Have a wonderful celebration. My thoughts are with all of you. Warm regards, Gramma D “^_^”

  27. Many, many Happy Days
    That will never fade away!!

    Jacque and Roxanne
    You’ve made a plan
    To help all things
    So we can sing

    Peace on earth
    Goodwill to all
    There’s a way we can go
    We don’t have to fall !

    Happy Birthday!!

    I am so thankful to have met you in December. I was welcomed into your home with open arms. You are a great man, with a great woman, a cool family and team members, and I hope to visit again soon.

    Thank you for your endurance and work through all these years.
    Thank you for never giving up.
    You are one of my heroes, and always will be :)

    Peace and love to you and your family

    Pamela Woods

  28. Happy Birthday, Mr Fresco! To many more years of inspiring people about achieving a new wolrd of no deprivation and advanced technology that will bring humanity and earth to a better level of living. Thank you for all the hard work and sharing your great ideas.

  29. Happy Birthday, Mr Fresco!
    I wish you all the best! Let all your dreams come true! You have not lived in vain, your life-work will change the world, soon! Again: all the best!

  30. Happy centenary. Hope it went well for you. Glad that the internet (eighth wonder of the world) allows us to share the ideas and inspirations behind the Venus project. One hundred years is a long time living with and observing mankind. What would be your one top legacy observation you’d leave behind for humanity?

  31. Dear Jacques, I congratulate you on the century, the Venus project – the best, in my opinion, a variant of the future of humanity. You have done a very long way (78 years, if I’m not mistaken) and did not want to see these works in vain. After having seen you a lot and gain experience, which is unlikely there is somebody, did not despair, and started working with it, and you really get it, your project is gaining popularity, and you are working on its improvement. Thank you very much for their work!

  32. Dear mister Jaques Fresco,

    A very happy happy happy birthday to you!!!
    Many many concepts to grow for futuretimes and pressent- times!!!

    I am a 31 year old woman from Belgium.
    Me and my partner who allready got to know Your work by accident about 10 years ago, recently introducéd Your
    Philosofie and contributions to me, and a was really totaly overwelmed by The way you try to reshape our world from the inside aswell as from the outside.

    One day we wish to be able to visit the venusproject, when we have enough money…beceause at the moment it is a bit struggling on that point…

    Many many heartwarming regards, Anouk & L.

    Many cind regards

  33. Happy Birthday, Jaques!
    I wish you 100 more healthy years – full of thoughts, creations, love and kindness!
    With joy,

  34. Happy 100th birthday Mr Fresco!

    We all need to appreciate yours and Roxanne’s continuous work educating this planet that there is an alternative – NLRBE

    In Solidarity


  35. Уважаемый Фреско, спасибо вам за то, что вы есть и за те мысли и идеи, которыми вы богаты, за добрые начинания и понимание проблем в мире, за то, что вы верите в добро и справедливость, за то, что вы показываете один из лучших примеров в жизни – творить добро для планеты. С уважением и тёплыми пожеланиями здоровья.

  36. ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡ A belated Happy Birthday from the U.k. ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡

    I hope you both had a wonderful time and enjoyed celebrating 100 journeys around the sun.
    I just want to say how much I appreciate your life’s work. You really are my all time hero. Thank you for your legacy seems such a small thing to say for such an immense gift. But that is all I have to give you at this moment, just a thank you, doesn’t seem fair somehow. Your work is, for me, the definition of Unconditional Love – both your dedication to the idea and the principles you have based our future society on. It is immense and I’m at the beginning of it all ♡

    Thank you ♡

    Much love and appreciation to you both, Amanda xx

  37. Viata lunga cu multe bucurii & sa nu mai stiti de rele + noroc din toate partile . Cu toata dragostea din Romania , Bucuresti .

  38. Happy Birthday Mr Fresco!!! Thank you with this occasion for all your effort in trying to make us understand that it is possible to have a better way of life.
    I really hope that all your work will have enough impact in society to start that radical revolution, a revolution in consciousness!!!
    Lots of respect, wishing you all the best!!

    Kind regards from Romania,

    Ciprian Capatina

  39. Domnule Fresco, sunteti un om genial, sunt mindru ca sunt contemporant cu dumneavoastra! A-ti schimbat viziunea mea asupra multor lucruri, credca asta si este ideia dumneavoastra. Va doresc toate cele bune si o viata indelungata,cu mult respect din Republica Moldova, Chisinau.

  40. Wow 100 amazing and what an amazing enlightenment you have shown us, my hope is that you are here to see your amazing work come to fruition. It will happen, it is the future, thank you for giving us your incredible forward thinking perspective showing us just what is possible, I believe it with very inch of my being and I know in my heart it is the true nature of humanity to grasp the Venus Project ethos and step out of the present boxed in paradigm.

    • С прошедшим юбилеем Вас господин Жак Фреско!!!! Желаю Вам крепкого здоровья, и мне бы очень хотелось, чтоб Ваш проект Венера был в итоге реализован, в этом нуждаются всё человечество нашей планеты…. Я уже несколько лет знаком с проектом Венера, познакомился большим количеством Ваших подходов в решении различных проблем – это действительно лучшее из всего, что известно мне на данный момент! Большое Вам спасибо за этот великий вклад в человеческую цивилизацию нашего времени ! Меня только один вопрос беспокоит, как это довести до умов власть имущих, и всех тех кто сегодня управляет миром в своих эгоистических интересах беспощадно разрушая экологию планеты, и безжалостно ведя войны и убивая людей во всём мире… Как убедить их сложить оружие и направить все силы на глобальные изменения??! Мир сегодня катиться к катастрофе и она уже не за горами и те кто имеют превосходство в сегодняшнем мире врятли захотят с ним расстаться и возобладают достаточным здравомыслием, чтобы осознать это и начать действовать не в своих, а в общих интересах…. Но не смотря ни на что нельзя опускать руки и может быть не мы, а наши дети воплотят её в жизнь!!!! Большое спасибо хорошей жизни)))

  41. I absolutely LOVE you, Jacque & Roxanne!! Happy 100th Birthday and may you live as long as you’d like to! I love The Venus Project and would love to volunteer my services in any way, possible. I have a Class A CDL and I wish that somehow I could use my Truck Driving skills to help benefit The Venus Project. Personally, I believe that YOU, Jacque, are THE most meaningful Human Being to ever live! The efforts of you, Roxanne and Peter Joseph (I know hes’s not directly connected to The Venus Project, but he’s the avenue which brought you guys to my attention) are the most altruistic people that have ever existed. my Son’s Middle Name is NO coincidence. He was named after you, jacque. Yes, there are many other people who’ve been credited with the ‘Genius’ label, but in MY opinion, what good is ‘Genius’ if it isn’t USED for good? I want to come out t here and visit, as well as hug, the both of you! I love you two with every fiber of my being!

  42. Greetings Jacques and Roxanne.

    A very happy birthday Mr Fresco, and good health and sanity for the rest of your well regarded life.

    Further it is to be hoped that many of the billions of people on our planet will become familiar with your philosophy, works and ethos for a more intelligent pursuit of wonder and peace in our many shared societies on this planet.
    Cordially David

  43. Happy birthday Mr.Fresco.Long long good years in life for you.I hope who in one day you project will be included in life…I wish that.From myself,if I only got a chance do something for you project I do it for free.In the world is very less people like you and who thinking like you.You are great man and Roxanne also.I all the time crying when understand who that great man like you is already 100 years old.Long long healthy years for you,you are our future!!!Me only 29 but and 10 years before I thinking what need everybody be together and think each about other and about about our planet earth.I hate weapons and war’s(((You are very good man!!!Good luck.Bye.

  44. If the measure of a man’s worth is his contribution to the betterment of his fellow man, you have been invaluable to the human race, Mr Fresco. Our future civilization will look back in history with strong gratitude at what you have started. I believe human’s are the hardiest of creatures and after a perhaps violent and desperate revolutionary change of ages we WILL survive, as we always have, in the condition of your vision. However it may look and however it may work you have touched the lives and opened the eyes of many who will facilitate it. I sincerely hope your dream comes true and cannot thank you enough for the inspiration.

  45. Greetings everyone,
    Very intelligent stuff here. Too dangerous to try on the whole world for starters, because it’s never been done we really do not know what would happen. However, I would be interested in doing some well documented social experiments using abundance as “regulator” for perhaps all crimes. We really can not say for certain that corruption will not manifest in other ways that we simply haven’t discovered yet. Especially at first I am guessing there would be quite an adjustment period getting used to having all that freedom.
    I had a near death experience when I was a boy. I couldn’t swim and I was drowning. Sometimes if my imagination wanders I imagine that I never did escape the water. Everything that happen from that day forward could be some kind of strange afterlife.
    A young girl half my age pulled me from the waters, she was standing on the peer. I was just about to breath the water. I ponder many days that I owe my life to the kindness and instinct of one little girl. My point now… I do not envy the elites because no one will save them when they are drowning. We alienate them so they recluse, and only engage using a front further alienating themselves. They create walls and rules to keep out others, but those walls imprison them as well, and for them it is as inescapable as starvation. They starve themselves of true love, and trade away heart. They become the monsters that children have nightmares about. I pity them. Karma

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