July 2018 Updates

In our update this month, we are pleased to share some new developments, along with our latest released materials. We want to introduce two audio lectures that we just released in a variety of formats. The first is called “Optimum Tools” and the second is called “Psychologists, Psychiatrists, & Psychological Problems”. If you have experience in fundraising, we also would appreciate your help for our project called The Center for Resource Management. Finally, we invite you to view our new short video introducing this project.

Help With Fundraising

The Venus Project is now in the process of designing and developing a major physical construction project known as the Center for Resource Management. This project is a significant undertaking, and it will serve as a stepping stone towards the realization of our proposed first experimental city, and a network of cities that follow.

Making the Center for Resource Management a reality will require very substantial resources and support. That is why we have decided to put together a volunteer team that will systematically pursue multiple opportunities to get the necessary support to realize this project.

As we are exploring multiple avenues, we’re currently looking for help from people who are experienced in any of the following:

  • Developing and running fundraising campaigns, especially for large projects
  • Finding and developing relationships with new donors and partners (individuals, foundations, corporations, governments) whose goals match our project’s goals
  • Writing grant proposals
  • People who have connections with individuals or organizations that may be interested in partnering or collaborating with us

If any of the above applies to you and you’d like to help, we’d love to hear from you. To join our efforts, please follow the instructions on this page.

Two Lectures Available

Sociocyberneering Audio Collection


Optimum Tools

In Optimum Tools, Jacque Fresco discusses why we still don’t use the most sophisticated tools for evaluation even after we have been exposed to them. How do people who should “know better” get themselves into trouble? He discusses the causes of personal limitations and the skills needed for personal effectiveness. He examines the disconnect between theory and practice, thoughts and actions, due to conditioned behavior. Fresco explains how it is our environmental influences that condition our behavior, rather than our exposure to words only. He demonstrates how the pressures of the real world can limit a person’s objectivity. Other topics include: stress and anger management, love and subjectivity, making accommodations to other people, the impossibility for people to change suddenly, habits of thought, educated perception, people’s saturation levels of how much information they can take, learning thresholds and needs, the self-centeredness of animals and children, selfish vs social behavior, conditioning people to sacrifice themselves and not to feel pain, relative orders of pain, the world as the prime affector that directs people’s behavior, how our ability to describe events mechanistically is limited by our human subjectivity. He comments upon Margaret Mead, George Crile’s Mechanistic View of War and Peace, and B.F. Skinner.

Available in:

  1. Audio With Scrolling Video Transcript
  2. Audio
  3. Text only

A video trailer can also be viewed at the above links.


Psychologists, Psychiatrists, & Psychological Problems

In this lecture, Jacque Fresco deals with the function of psychology and the failures of psychiatry to treat psychological problems. He differentiates between client-centered therapy and behavioral engineering. Fresco analyzes the tradeoffs between the opposing lifestyles of self-serving egoism vs. what he calls “functional selfishness” (working in service of society) and their relation to mental health and public health. Fresco also comments upon Wayne Dyer’s self-help books, Ayn Rand’s objectivism, B.F. Skinner’s Walden Two, and Mark Twain’s Letters from Earth.

Available in:

  1. Audio With Scrolling Video Transcript
  2. Audio
  3. Text only

A video trailer can also be viewed at the above links.

Enjoy a Short Video Introducing The Center for Resource Management

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  1. — “Developing and running fundraising campaigns, especially for large projects”—

    I thought “resources” and “technology” were to be the only currency in this ‘new’ society. Yet, it seems the “founders” are dependent upon the very same political structure (501-c-3) and money/currency/resource as the very society it seeks to replace.

    I am not the brightest crayon in the box or the sharpest pencil. But I am just the son of a man who frequently referred to himself as, “Just a dumb ole country boy.”

    It seems that the form of “money”/exchange is not the problem. It is not even the fact that some people seem to hoard while others do not have enough to survive. The problem is in the individual’s mind — thus society’s mind.

    You see, there is no BAD ‘form’ of government — only corrupted officers.

    There is no BAD ‘form’ of currency/money/exchange — only its corrupted use.

  2. I spend every night walking around my town listening to Jacque and Roxanne, unfortunately I always have to walk back toward where I started. Can’t wait to walk around the first city.

  3. Many link are locked, so the site same few people and news information with same content, about how to be involved, can’t be seen.
    The project seems to have right intentions, but it look like most are based on intentions and very limited there are found in concrete project, like the centre in Florida.
    I hope your have the ability to get more momentum and support, there can help the many people there are unable to have dream and intentions for a better feature and are chose the really need change in there life and would benefit if just there basic need was satisfied.
    They don’t need futuristic city’s or goal there can’t be established in away so it can help the major populations of people there are have the dealing with the most suffering coursed by hunger and other basic demands.

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