May 2019 Newsletter

This month we are pleased to share with you our progress on the Center for Resource Management. Also, check out our newly published lecture from Jacque Fresco which we are featuring on The Venus Project Store. We also have a short trailer so you can get a glimpse of the lecture’s content. And we would like to hear from you with our survey below. Also, if you are an industrial designer and would like to help within our VR team, please get involved.

Progress on The Center for Resource Management

Check out our updated progress report on the Center for Resource Management which is now on The Venus Project’s website. Expand the “Tasks” section under the visual diagram to see a detailed breakdown.

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Newly Published Video Lecture

Jacque Fresco – Scientific Responsibility (Jan. 31, 2011)

Fresco discusses how there are no separate sciences – there is only one science. What we need is an integrated system using the methods of science in all areas, including social management. Science today is mostly directed by commercial institutions and universities, and used by those who are in positions of advantage. Businesses seek positions of advantage rather than creating optimal conditions for all people and the ecological systems.

Fresco further explains that if scientists serve a particular nation then that is slanted towards that nation’s political and economic superiority whereas true science would work toward the wellbeing of all people. Scientists teach science but they do not apply it to government or analyze the banking institutions. It is not scientific if findings are put in books and publications but not applied to society due to vested interests or artificial monetary scarcity. Fresco claims that what is needed is the intelligent management of Earth’s resources to benefit all people.

Duration: 28:00 minutes.

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Are You a 2D Artist or an Industrial Designer?

Would you like to participate within our VR team to help develop Concept Art for the virtual walkthrough of The Center for Resource Management? If so, we would love to hear from you.
Your designs could be used as a base for 3D models of the project.

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