A World Where No National Boundaries Exist

If we apply what we already know to enhance life on Earth, we can protect the environment and the symbiotic processes of living systems. It is now mandatory that we intelligently rearrange human affairs so as to live within the limits of available resources.

Many poets, philosophers, and writers have criticized the artificial borders that separate people preoccupied with the notion of nationhood. Despite the visions and hopes of astronauts, poets, writers, and visionaries, the reality is that nations are continuously at war with one another; and poverty and hunger prevail in many places throughout the world, including the United States.

So far, [few] astronauts arriving back on Earth with this new social consciousness have proposed to transcend the world’s limitations to a world where no national boundaries exist. Each remains loyal to their particular nation-state and doesn’t venture beyond patriotism – my country, right or wrong – because doing so may risk their positions.

Most problems we face in the world today are of our own making. We must accept that the future depends upon us. Interventions by mythical or divine characters in white robes descending from the clouds, or by visitors from other worlds, are illusions that cannot solve the problems of our modern world. The future of the world is our responsibility and depends upon decisions we make today. We are our own salvation or damnation. Solutions that will shape the future depend totally on the collective effort of all people working together.

Science and technology race into the future, revealing new horizons in all areas. New discoveries and inventions appear at a rate never seen before in history and the rate of change will continue to increase exponentially in the years to come. Unfortunately, books and articles attempting to describe the future have one foot rooted in the past and interpret the future through today’s concepts of technology. Most people are comfortable and less threatened with this perspective on change, but they often react negatively to proposals suggesting changes in the way they live. For this reason, when speaking of the future, very few explore or discuss changes in our social structure, much less our values. People are used to the structures and values of earlier times when stresses and levels of understanding were different. An author who wants to publish steers clear of such emotional and controversial issues. But we feel it is time to step out of that box. We will freely explore a new future, one that is realistically attainable and not the doom and gloom so often presented today.


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