Baker Museum Exhibit – Cargo Catamaran

Cargo Catamaran

Baker Museum Exhibit – Cargo Catamaran

“To me, all of the marvels of science and technology – all of the electronics and mechanical wonders – are just so many millions of tons of junk, unless it enhances the lives of men.” – Jacque Fresco

November 19, 2016 heralded the opening of “Jacque Fresco – 100 Years of Vision” at the Baker Museum in Naples, Florida. This exhibit was a year in the making and was finalized about three months prior. Joel Holt and Roxanne spent 3 months cleaning and reconditioning 54 of Jacque’s models. These are displayed between many of the black and white ink sketches chosen from over 5500 which he produced over the past 37 years. Four walls are devoted to a timeline of Jacque’s life’s work, presented through blueprints, drawings, patent illustrations, photos, and even a video. The museum’s curator, Silvia Perea, performed extensive research and assembled a detailed display of Jacque’s 100 years of work spanning diverse fields, all laid out in chronological order. It will impress and inspire people of all ages. Special thanks to Silvia, Frank Verpoorten, and everyone else at the Artis-Naples/Baker Museum who made this exhibit possible.

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