Engineers, Architects, & Technicians Wanted

Engineers, Architects, & Technicians Wanted
A call for engineers, architects, and technicians

The Venus Project has begun initial procedures for the next phase of detailed design and production, the details of which will be unveiled once significant progress has been made. The building designs ascend from the more than 5500 design sketches produced by Jacque Fresco over the past 41 years. With Roxanne Meadows to design the layout, Adam Bouzane (D.EDDT, Building Technologist, Systems Administrator) will spearhead the operation.

This comprehensive development is intended to become a major hub for international research. It will be a self-sustaining education complex with research and development centers. One eighth of the circular arrangement will accommodate a “Museum of the Future”, showing educational exhibitions designed to help people understand, both, the state of technology as well as its potential when utilized humanely within a Resource Based Economy. Tourist accommodations, short term residences, educational arenas, media facilities, a conference center, and many other amenities will be integrated. This facility’s primary focus will be research and development of Global Resource Management systems, and the well being of people and the environment. Lessons learned and knowledge gained here will be utilized in development of a circular city system.

To learn more, go to Center for Resource Management.


    • Hi Giseppe.

      Absolutely, however we are still in the planning stages and will be years before buildings are built. at that time however architectural photography will be a must in order to document and promote the project. Thanks for your interest. Stay tuned!

      • Hi Adam.

        I tried to answer your letter, but the spam filtering system returned an error to me. So I found in such an interesting way to write to you through this system.

        Of course, I can show my codes. For example, here are a few of my many projects:
        1. SmartHousekeeping – git clone https://[email protected]/zefslab/greenhouse.git
        2. My Exchange, for robotized trading on the sets of crypto-exchange exchanges – git clone https://[email protected]/zefslab/my_exchange.git

        The first project is at the design and development stage. It does not start and does not work. But it demonstrates a good solution architecture.
        The second project already has the ability to run tests of individual functions.

        I added your email. address in the repository of these projects on
        If I fail to access the repositories, I will send the archives.

        Best Regards,
        Eugeni Zaplatin
        Моб. 8 908 947 8984
        Skype: eugeniz

        hi Eugen,

        can you show me some examples of your work? it would apear that you are strong in programming. i’m curious to know if this would place you in a different team then the Architecture Team. we have a Digital Technologies team that might suite you better.

        Best Regards

  1. I am currently going to school to be an engineer, and I want to see this future come into fruition. I’ve been working on a couple of inventions that I think could help the progress and would love to be a part of the Venus project.

  2. Good day,
    I am a fit out technician with software skills and have a good experience in drawing plans and details. Also I can follow any kind of interior and exterior project excustion.

    A pleasure to be a part of Venus project team.

    Best regards,

  3. Hi I’m a CAD technician/ draughtsman.
    I use AutoCAD 2018 2D & 3D
    I have a varied discipline background including structural steelwork, piping and process plant, mechanical, telecoms and some electrical.
    Primarily I produce 3D models and then draft 2D technical drawings from those models.
    I have a CV that I can send if you’re interested and can provide pdf examples of my work.
    I am considering exploring the possibility of becoming involved.
    Do you require anyone with my skill set?
    Martin Fry

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