Future by Design Model Dome

The Venus Project’s Future by Design model dome contains many scale models depicting the future possibilities of a Resource Based Economy; a sustainable global social direction for the betterment of people and the protection of the environment.


  1. hi

    ive found out about your rpoject through the zeitgeist documentary and i feel like youre project is the only solution to this corrupted world of politicians and bankers
    i would like to ask you though, how are you going to make it happen?
    will it happen?
    who’s funding this project?
    will the government not stop you?
    how long will it take?
    whose going to abolish money?
    why should we trust you if all these years weve been decieved by our own government?
    how do we know this isnt just another way to support the elite stay elite?
    honestly, how is it ever gonna happen?
    please get back to me

  2. I know about Venus project, since 2005, I found out last year Jacque fresco passed away. I had a project , hopefully one day it will happen. So happy to hear on Global Citzen. It’s time.

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