FYI: For those curious about progress regarding The Venus Project…


The Venus Project cannot impose itself upon the world but it is not “waiting” for anything and never has been. There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes, so to speak.


Dissemination of findings and a proposed alternative to our current socioeconomic paradigm (media, books, videos, models, research and Research Center in Venus Fl.)

Major Motion Picture: History & Progress Report

Center for Resource Management

Some prerequisites for the CfRM, courses, book etc.:

Securing The Venus Project’s foundations by fully accounting for Jacque Fresco’s contribution through transcribing his over 800 audio lectures. These transcripts will help set in motion the eventual publishing of Collected Works of Jacque Fresco, available to the public for the first time. This will also help set the stage for scholarly research through grants and scholarships for scholars to perform literature reviews pertinent to and on behalf of TVP aimed at better understanding existing problems and potential solutions. It will lay the groundwork for research programs at the Center for Resource Management that, in turn, lay the foundation for a transdisciplinary field dedicated to a science of Earth management.

The Sociocyberneering Education Project is a project which Theofilos Chaldezos developed to build enhanced skills through education. The Sociocyberneering Education Project uses a systems approach to education to allow The Venus Project to experiment and develop courses that can be used internally and externally to educate volunteers and the general public. The course offered builds a solid knowledge base that would help individuals handle teaching, present the history and the aims and proposals, and manage change towards the direction proposed by The Venus Project.

Transcriptions Project

Matching Donations Campaign

A few videos relating to transition:
Lecture on the Transition – Jacque Fresco

Presentation by Cengiz Koroglu – Transition

Transition to a Resource Based Economy – Stan Aizin

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