Get A Good Grasp Of What It Is We’re Trying To Do

Get A Good Grasp Of What It Is We're Trying To Do
Picture from EINE WELT HAUS Lecture, 4 Sep 2010
The Venus Project presents a feasible plan for social change, that works toward a peaceful and sustainable global civilization where human beings, technology and nature coexist.

It outlines an alternative to strive for, where human rights are not only paper proclamations but a way of life.


  1. Until racism, religious preconceptions, social strata and differences between peoples and cultures are eliminated, mankind will hardly unite for a brighter future !
    P.S. I support venus project :)

  2. My uninformed and data-less hypothesis: Technology creating abundance might eradicate poverty which will, after a few generations, cause racism to dissipate. As for the rest, guess we wait and see. Just wish there was more doing and less waiting and hoping.

  3. I have a wind based generator that creates it’s own wind in a closed system I’d like to share with you as well as what I’ve already shared

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