Jacque Fresco, 100 Years of Vision

November 19, 2016 was the opening of the exhibit “Jacque Fresco, 100 Years of Vision” at the Baker Museum in Naples, Florida. This exhibit was a year in the making but finalized about three months before the opening. Joel Holt and Roxanne worked 3 months cleaning and reconditioning the 54 models. They are displayed on a shelf between many of the black-and-white ink sketches that were chosen amongst the collection of over 5500 produced in the last 37 years. The four walls are devoted to a timeline of Jacque’s life’s work presented through blueprints, drawings, patents drawings, photos and a video. The curator, Silvia Perea, did extensive research and assembled a detailed experience of Jacque’s 100 years of work in diverse fields, laid out in chronological order within categories of decades. It is impressive and inspirational for all ages. Special thanks to Silvia, Frank Verpoorten and everyone else at the Artis-Naples/Baker Museum who made this exhibit possible.


  1. Yay … 100 years of hard work! … thank you Jacques and Roxanne and everyone at TVP … the future such as you have envisioned and demonstrate – the ‘up ahead’ stake you have laid in the ground … the future – our future as a One World Family … our future once upon a time, as in yesteryear, was a wild and seemingly formidable idea … just to far out to tap … but the future is ‘in reach’ now … and what will be created for peoples … civilisation – whether for desert or mountains or forests or oceans … it all just lies ahead … it is within reach … thank you, Sandy

  2. As an Applied Anthropologist, this is the kind of culture change that I have wanted to apply since first learning about Jacques Fresco back in the early ’90s when Marguerite drove from Miami to let us see the place! The irony of not having enough money to actualize a non-monetary society is just too much!

  3. Looks AMAZING Jacque! Have been following your work for a good few years and keeping fingers crossed that humanity might truly wake up at some point. That sounds like a cliche now, what with the internet, etc ….. But it all makes so much logical sense I am astounded these ideas haven’t been rolled out decades ago. I suppose it’s still gonna take time for stoopid hoomans to let go of paper and plastic tokens and figures on a screen and all the prestige and hierarchy that goes with owning more of those things than the next guy. If only a person’s worth was based on compassion and concern for the planet and everyone on it, you and your wonderful team would RULE Goddamnit! Although I know this is the last thing on your minds, lol! Thank you for your vision in which anything is possible .. without the yuckiness .. Really wish I didn’t need money and an oil-based fuelled flying apparatus to get from here in GB to see your fantastic work up close …. One day maybe … ONE DAY!!!! Wishing For You Much Love, World Peace, Sustainable Living and a Meaningful Future For All. Take Care From Me, Wendy D XXX

  4. Congratulations on al the team’s work for this exhibition of your work . I would love to meet you in person and watch all your designs in Florida. My 49 year of life in Belgium have learned me several things and I see your project as the “ONLY” way out of this misery that has already lasted far to long. I’m in.

  5. Dear Jacque and Rosanne.
    Congratulations upon all your efforts for this project.
    My 49 years of life have made me realize that this is the only way out of the misery that has already caused so much suffering for people, animal and plant life on our beautifull planet.
    I will do my very best to spread the word on this wonderfull solution your project is offering to all earths inhabitents (human, animal and plant)
    I got your message definetely.
    Thanks for all ideas and technical realizations.
    Hugs to both of you as well as the rest of your team.

  6. Great, great, need this now. I support everything you do and in the future as well. Stay well and thank you for you kindness in helping the world be a better place to think, create and have peace within them to us their imagination to better themselves. Thank you both for your life’s work.
    Greed, Vanity, Lust, Anger and attached to wealth.
    Steve Clark

  7. How long will the exhibit be available?….I will be in the area in May of 2017 and I was planning on arranging a tour at the Venus project, if possible…but the tours are limited to Saturdays and if the exhibit is still open in May…. I could easily attend that on a day that is more compatable with our schedule. ….I love your work and appreciate all of your efforts. I have your books and CDs and DVDs and I share your info with as many that may be interested as I can. Many Blessings to you and your fellow supporters, Ramona

  8. Thanks so much from us in Australia to Jacques and Roxanne. You have given us hope and a vision as to how this world should work. In years or decades to come mankind will look back at Jacques as the founder of heaven on earth.
    Brian and Susan Cook and friends
    Gold Coast,Queensland

  9. congratulations Mr. Fresco and all the TVP team for assembling this. And a big thanks to Mr. Fresco for has envisioned such a wonderful future and economic model that can get rid of all our current problems that this uncontrolled capitalism has brought us.

  10. Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows are truly inspirational people. They are wise individuals whom as I see it ought to be the real leaders of our humble blue little planet Earth, period. The Venus Project is the only social system ever conceived to appear to answer our rapidly declining worldwide standards. Once the Venus Project is implemented, the change will propel the Human race by leaps and bounds to our next evolutionary stage. The sad thing is that Mr Jacque Fresco may not see his vision of a new Earth implemented due to his rapidly advancing years. Roxanne Meadows, although much younger and by no means of lesser importance, is the Mother figure of the project whom is ever diligent and ready to guide young and old alike by the hand as it were, to a wondrous world yet to come. Jacque Fresco too with his decades of tireless research and scientific aptitude and real-world knowledge is certainly qualified to bring the Venus Project to fruition. I can only dream of living in such a sustainable and glorious paradise without borders. May Jacque and Roxanne realise their dream of a world truly united for the advancement of the Human species.

  11. Mr. Fresco, Mrs. Meadows and the entire assisting Venus-Project Team,
    congratulations for exhibition and the award for city design, that you all got recently from United Nations!

    You deserve more than an award from a group of people, which have the device and influence to change the world, but do not use it to change something in this direction. However we know why they do not use it, although the instructions exists.
    A great instruction with a multitude of examples and models, that originate from you all with The Venus Project and people which be inspired by this remarkable Project. You lay the foundations for a better future for humanity or rather the humanitarian and especially for the earth.
    It is up to us to implement your vision and develop it further and further.

    I deeply admire your work, patience and endurance that you achieve over so many years, not giving up notwithstanding all blind and naive people up to an advanced age. Faithfully I wich you all health, bliss, love and contentedness.

    I will do everything in my power to contribute a part for a better future and respectfully treatment with the earth with all his wonders and living beings. Thank you very much!

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