Jacque Fresco – ‘Conscious’, Problem Solving, Conditioning Behavior, Define Criminal

Fresco talks about various topics. Outtake from “Future by Design”.

Future by Design is an intellectually and visually engaging documentary following the life of Jacque Fresco. Accepted as the modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci, Peer to Albert Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Mr. Fresco is a self-educated futurist who likes to be considered as a generalist or a multi-disciplinarian — a scholar of several interrelated fields of science. He’s a prolific inventor, industrial designer, and social engineer, having spent his whole life conceiving and formulating the concept of a Resource Based Economy. The documentary portrays a single man’s vision of the future where war is obsolete, there’s no lack of resources, and our focus as a species is global sustainability and the preservation of the environment. This documentary presents a potential future — with actual and workable alternatives to our present paradigm.

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