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In this lecture, Jacque Fresco stresses that problem solving is the most important lesson we must discuss. He describes the difference between the private/corporate problem-solving approaches prevalent in much of today’s society versus global problem solving, which a Resource-Based Economy will utilize.

He further elaborates on emergent problem solving through several examples, touching on various topics such as captivating the attention of children, evolution, behavior, future schools, psychology, linguists & semanticists, overcoming scarcity, metaphysics vs. physical referents, the possibility of needing specialists in certain areas due to a lack of generalists* in the way that Jacque uses the term, and so much more!

* In the future, education will focus on fostering a generalists’ point of view. A generalist incorporates all of the factors necessary to sustain a civilization that takes care of the needs of all people and protects the whole Earth system. Specialists are produced today due to the established trade-based systems.

Record date: Nov. 5, 2010

Full lecture runtime: 49:06

The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering are avoidable and unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in today’s world.

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