No One Invented Anything From Scratch

An early attempt at a flying machine.
One of the many things Jacque taught is that it is never one person’s idea, invention, creation, etc.. It’s an entire process. We’re a species with the ability to pass information and knowledge from one generation to the next. Alfred Korzyski elaborates the idea in Manhood of Humanity. We’re a species which can continue where the people of the past have left off. We’re born with the conveniences of our time. For example, children now have and use cell phones. The evolution of our smart devices is an example of an ongoing process. Buckminster Fuller gives a description, in Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth … about a man on his way through a forest.  “He found trees fallen across his path. He climbed over those crisscrossed trees and suddenly found himself poised on a tree that was slowly teetering. It happened to be lying across another great tree, and the other end of the tree on which he found himself teetering lay under a third great fallen tree. As he teetered he saw the third big tree lifting. It seemed impossible to him. He went over and tried using his own muscles to lift that great tree. He couldn’t budge it. Then he climbed back atop the first smaller tree, purposefully teetering it, and surely enough it again elevated the larger tree.” The discovery and evolution of leverage eventually plays out.

Jacque never wants a statue built of himself or anyone to ‘honor’ him or anyone else for that matter. It’s the ideas, the knowledge we learn about our natural world. And it’s up to us to continue guiding each other to live in accordance with the natural world.

Check out Jacque Fresco on serial learning.

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