Putting a Definitive Stop to What Creates the Symptoms

Putting a Definitive Stop to What Creates the Symptoms

Putting a Definitive Stop to What Creates the Symptoms


  1. This statement should be written in !STONE! as one of the many simple but logical statements The Venus Project has and proposes to all mankind. It is time to act.

  2. I agree with all you said about our monetary system. I hope that you take into account/fact that our human nature has negative sides like greed, aggression, and competition more than cooperation in many cases. What do we replace GREED with? How do we convince an average Joe that caring for others is important? All our institutions from the kindergarten condition people to compete, not cooperate.
    Re-allocating the world resources will not sit well with those who own them, how can we convince the owners to surrender these resources to the NEW system, without a revolution? “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

  3. The main difficulty is indeed the evolution of mentalities. Parents are preparing their children for social competition and they often do not realize that living in a world where 99% of people are suffering is not a reasonable future even if their children are lucky enough to end up in the privileged cast. Having extremely giften children, for instance, is a terrible source of suffering but also a good opportunity of realizing that no child is made happy by such a perspective, all children are the present and future (as adults) victims of a terrible confusion : there is no such thing as natural selection within human society, only conditioning to produce “reasonable” slaves.

    Besides, the possibility remains that, despite the seemingly increasing differences between people, in the near future there will be no privileged cast at all: an extreme minority of insane people, of the manic-depressive type, will be in power but without any chance of being happy because their mental status makes it totally impossible. In a sense, it is what we are already observing in the so-called “technologically advanced ” countries, so that we experience the exact opposite of what the most creative people wanted to promote. A collective suicide is the logical outcome of such an insane program as promoting neo-darwinism inside our societies.

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