Putting a Definitive Stop to What Creates the Symptoms

Putting a Definitive Stop to What Creates the Symptoms

Putting a Definitive Stop to What Creates the Symptoms


  1. This statement should be written in !STONE! as one of the many simple but logical statements The Venus Project has and proposes to all mankind. It is time to act.

  2. I agree with all you said about our monetary system. I hope that you take into account/fact that our human nature has negative sides like greed, aggression, and competition more than cooperation in many cases. What do we replace GREED with? How do we convince an average Joe that caring for others is important? All our institutions from the kindergarten condition people to compete, not cooperate.
    Re-allocating the world resources will not sit well with those who own them, how can we convince the owners to surrender these resources to the NEW system, without a revolution? “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”

  3. The main difficulty is indeed the evolution of mentalities. Parents are preparing their children for social competition and they often do not realize that living in a world where 99% of people are suffering is not a reasonable future even if their children are lucky enough to end up in the privileged cast. Having extremely giften children, for instance, is a terrible source of suffering but also a good opportunity of realizing that no child is made happy by such a perspective, all children are the present and future (as adults) victims of a terrible confusion : there is no such thing as natural selection within human society, only conditioning to produce “reasonable” slaves.

    Besides, the possibility remains that, despite the seemingly increasing differences between people, in the near future there will be no privileged cast at all: an extreme minority of insane people, of the manic-depressive type, will be in power but without any chance of being happy because their mental status makes it totally impossible. In a sense, it is what we are already observing in the so-called “technologically advanced ” countries, so that we experience the exact opposite of what the most creative people wanted to promote. A collective suicide is the logical outcome of such an insane program as promoting neo-darwinism inside our societies.

    • Your evaluation seems to be correct. The goal to bring us all to a better world seems lost. So many visions have been offered and solutions have been available for the longest time but, all we get is conflict and war to stop any progress. The Venus Project as have other world changing ideas, have been around for a very long time. Investors care not test unproven ideas. Corporations and governments have no interest in changing their pre-arranged 100 year plan and populations are too busy trying to keep a roof over their head to keep a job so they can live instead of die. The world has accumilated to many unsolved issues and this snowball is about to roll downhill towards a pit of fire. All due to Greed and the slavery model of ‘human ‘so called ‘resources’

  4. I’ve long admired your concepts and success at projecting your futuristic concepts.
    I hope we would agree that the biggest change the world needs now is a switch from fossil fuel based energy solutions to real green energy solutions!
    Google “wiki Thorium LFTR technology , there is extensive research of current and past thorium solutions going back to the Oakridge research labs in 1965,and earlier during the development of the first atomic bomb.
    Then morphing into “Winestine’s” thorium replacement of uranium as the heating agent for power production. Instead of various configurions of uranium, and plutonium.
    Google SMU Geothermal. read their several reports .
    I’ve had a vicarious association with the well drilling industry since before I was born as my Father gained then lost wealth as a principal promoter of the Texas Permian basin oil field in 1927 and till the bottom of the crash. My 1/2 brother became a driller with his own rig and continued the work from ’37 on till well after WW2,
    Drilling technology has advanced …never more rapidly than in the past few years.
    Today and in the future drillers will be able to drill deeper and more accurately than ever dreamed possible even 10 years ago! It is probable that many more Geothermal energy producing wells are possible in areas never dreamed of, when hot springs and volcanic action was the only obvious indicator of great underground hot spots.
    Giving away to the possibility of the Geothermal energy, possibility under our feet. In locations where it was never dreamed of!
    Both of these energy solutions offer the same BASE LEVEL energy solutions currently provided by fossil fuels and Hydro energy solutions. Base level is 24-7 electrical energy production that keep our homes and factories humming.
    These are not the only green energy solutions but they are the least expensive to produce ( both are actually cheaper than any form of fossil fuel )for rapid deployment of a green energy which is the only way to stop the fossil fuel destruction of the world! Please become a supporter of real green energy.
    Thanks for the opportunity to post my comment.

    • The Venus Project has many solutions to solve the problems, so I don’t think we need to search too hard to remove these new technologies from the shelves. Then are are advancements coming online all the time. How would you update existing new tech when better, even MORE efficient ideas make others obsolete. Will that shift to greater things create disruptions and block technology update. You speak of thorium -sounds good but needs much development. New technologies are awaiting just around the corner. Then with new technology and new ideas inventors selfishly think small and demand monopoly at least in the short term and existing companies lobby against any competition. Here’s one company – Brilliantlight Power that can harness 1 million watts of power for homes, auto, marine use and more. They seem to have it ready, along with a complete plan to bring it to market by 2018. But will present corporations let this disruption take place… Greed is holding back the entire world.

  5. A resource based economy?
    Are there really enough resources for everyone?
    Our economies are predicated on this idea of “scarcity” – meaning that there isn’t enough to go around. Has the advancement of technology really enabled us to do away with SCARCITY?
    It has been the GOVERNING PRINCIPLE OF MANKIND ever since the stone age. Our competitive and aggressive societies come as a result of the innate scarcity of the worlds resources. The Venus Project claims that it can eliminate scarcity (and therefore competition/tribalism) by providing sufficient resources for everyone via integrated technology in cities. As I am typing this I am realizing that this will work. Good idea Jaques.

  6. But wait! There is one big obstacle – national governments.
    That is the unspoken objective of Government – to maintain scarcity by establishing dependence on FINITE resources like fossil fuels.

    With the advent of self sustainable cities, our national governments will become useless.
    Will our governments fall in the wake of this transition? It must be so.
    Shit is about to go down.

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