The Difference Between a Serial Killer and a Saint

A Collaborative-Designed Environment
Different environments produce different behaviours.

All human behavior is lawful; that the reactions and values that all people have are perfectly lawful to the environment that they come from. Every human being is perfectly well-adjusted from where they are coming from, from their background and experience.
Jacque Fresco, from a talk at Nichols College, 1999


  1. I most definitely approve the insistence on preserving our environment. I see a country basically made of two parts; the country physical, and the people. Not taking care of either part, we lost the whole country. There is no life if we ruin the habitat. What is a country without its people, nothing.
    Everybody should do as many steps In preserving our environment as we can. I collect the rain water,, and use it for my organic garden, have a composter for the food left overs, made a solar cooker, we dry our clothes in the sun, have a solar shower, recycle as much as possible, I drive little Vespa 49 cc to save gas and environment, use solar battery recharger, and other measures to save our resources, and environment. I conduc/teach seminars making solar cookers, and help others making it.

    • “The difference between a serial killer and a saint is environment” and definitely not religion or the absence of it. hi bozidar! that’s a valuable advocacy if you may call it that way. we, as a family here in the philippines has just started an advocacy, Simple lifestyle ~community of sharing. would you mind teaching us on how to make a solar cooker & other measures to simplify things and lifestyle so we can save resources? thanks! feel free to email us at [email protected] thanks!

  2. I have a unique way of describing how the environment affects human behavior.

    Let’s take our current environment that is filled with money. If we lived in a resource-based economy where money no longer exists, then how does a criminal stick a gun in your back to rob you of money? He can’t. When money is taken out of the environment, the human behavior of robbing for money disappears too. And so do the laws of sentencing, because the environment is not creating criminals. There is no reason to steal anything when materials are shared and abundant.

    A banker could not foreclose on a home and kick a family to the streets. That behavior disappears too, and so do the laws pertaining to property rights.

    A sharing society eliminates most of our human behavioral problems. It will also destroy our educations of fantasy, e.g., MBAs, Economic Degrees, Law Degrees, and PhD’s of psychology. Neuroscience will fill the void.

    This is very scary to the Federal Reserve. Sadly, unless central banking is dismantled, a resource-based economy is unattainable. I urge one to google the movement in the UK. It allows democracy to print and enter money directly into the economy debt free. This means we could spend money directly on the Venus Project until one day, money is no longer necessary. That is the only way to build a resource-based economy without panic.

  3. Karl,
    Indeed, in order to achieve a resource – based economy, the current economic system must first be dismantled.
    Fortunately, our global monetary system is fundamentally self destructive (deflationary). And it is on it’s way down.

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