The Notion Of Utopia

The future does not depend on our
present-day beliefs or social customs,
but will continue to evolve a
set of values unique to its own time.

The very notion of ‘utopia’ is static.
The paths that we choose will ultimately determine
whether or not there is intelligent life on earth.

 ~ Jacque Fresco



  1. I loved Mr Frescos logical views on society from the first time ive taken notice to him around the year 2006 on youtube, I took an immediate liking to him because he reflected the way ive always felt about our society since I remember the first time i asked my dad “why we need money and how do you get money from his credit card” when i was very young. I never saw any sensibility with his answer and opposed his reasoning because i could see that money acts as a resistance to the potential of humanity. Ive talked few times to various people growing up on on my beliefs on this issue but i think i was seen as a crackpot with a soft spot so i rarely discussed my views on these topics. Until;

    But after watching his videos, He has opened me up on these issues and i have made it my goal to talk about these issues to people, as seeing Mr Fresco do it; has encouraged me too do so and ive found a bit more enlightenment doing so. Im still a nobody but at least im an enlightened nobody… back then i had a bit of trouble talking to people about these issues but over time; now I usually come out ahead making progress when i discuss these issues about society largely with Jacque Frescos help.

    I really wanted to visit him in Florida before he died but i didn’t have the money, I was very sad. I have a lot of thanks for him to have the courage to be such a logical thinker and speaking out on his beliefs through his life. The wake I leave in life will forever be influenced by him.

  2. Yes one thing he believed, still resonates with me and as time goes by it becomes increasingly obvious that it’s a truth. Technology is the answer because it has the capability to solve our worldwide problems including our forever increasing population. Where we see corruption, is the money spent on weaponry promoting death & destruction, the increase in cancer & no cure with the use of 80 year old treatment e.g. chemotherapy & radiation? The ban in natural remedies which does seem to heal more than the barbaric methods that are in place. it looks to be an obvious genocidal agenda. I have wondered if these manipulators are even human. They are most definitely evil. The Venus Project was designed by a man who I believe could be known as a prophet in the future especially if we as a people embrace his dream.

    • Technology is the answer to a lot of challenges we have, but for the population ‘problem’ we need also education.
      The medicine research MUST be made, like in all the others areas, without self interest in it.
      No one is evil, we are all victims of culture, from the most powerful person to the less.
      This will be an evolving and ongoin changing society. Jacque never wanted he to be remembered as a prophet or anything like that because it will hold back this development.

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