What Kind of World (a series: #4 of 10)

What Kind of World (a series: #4 of 10)
Designs by Jacque Fresco

Currently, operating within the monetary system requires the pursuit of profit and not necessarily what’s best for people and the ecology.

The Global Resource Based Economic system proposed here will allow humanity to finally utilize this potential.

The primary function of this social design is to nurture each individual, make available all goods and services, and supply the best possible education.

Ultimately, by using technology and resources more intelligently, we can provide a high standard of living for everyone, free of charge.

In such a system, there is no reason to hurt each other nor the environment – no advantage to be gained.

This surpasses the need for theft, corruption and envy.

These behaviors are, not inborn but, a result of today’s society of scarcity.

VIDEO: Resource Based Economy

Number 4 (of 10) in a series. Find out more about Resource Based Economics,
and Jacque Fresco, at: https://www.thevenusproject.com/


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