New Visuals Of Our Next Phase, and Website Updates

The Venus Project is very excited to present the just-released new visuals of our next phase: the Center for Resource Management.

The below images show the current stage of development of the project and the design is subject to further improvements.

The Center for Resource Management complex:

Center for Resource Management

Center for Resource Management - Side View


Interactive exhibitions will be located throughout this central portion of the complex. Here visitors will learn what can be achieved when we direct our resources and efforts toward worldwide social betterment and sustainability.

Center for Resource Management - Visitor Area


This represents the entire site which includes all five rings:

Center for Resource Management - All five rings


Along with these new visuals, we have redesigned the Center for Resource Management page to better present this exciting new project. Completely new on that page is the Masterplan section, which includes a description of the various aspects and functions of the complex. The Masterplan also includes a step-by-step strategy to build the Center for Resource Management, and to realize The Venus Project’s goals of a collaborative global network of cities.

A better presentation of the progress we have made so far is also included.

We welcome your feedback in the comments section below.

A New Homepage

We have also been hard at work on improving The Venus Project website’s homepage. The aim is to provide a more clear introduction to the organization’s vision and goals, and its current progress.

There are more updates planned for the homepage, so stay tuned for that.

Updates To Our Aims & Proposals

The page presenting The Venus Project’s long-term aims and proposals has also been updated to reflect the latest status of our progress.

We look forward to your feedback in the comments below.


  1. I have several questions.

    1: What is the intended diameter of each ring?

    2: Are there plans to incorporate aquaponic vertical farms for greater food yield while using less area and only 5-10% of the water traditional farming would require?

    3: If a location was found in a very windy area next to a river, could the layout be modified to avail of riverbank hydro-electric power and vertical axis wind turbines?

    4: Have ye considered using geopolymer concrete to construct the buildings as it would be 40% cheaper than traditional concrete and is made from 94% recycled industrial waste?

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your questions. Please see the answers below:

      1. The diameter of each ring is still being arrived at based on the requirements of the ring (for example, how much space will the agricultural belt need to grow all the necessary food). Another important factor for the first three rings is the sizes of the buildings within them. Many of the building sizes are still being arrived at based on the functions they will serve.

      2. Yes, please review section “3.3. Food & Agriculture” in which goes into more detail on that. We are also actively looking for agricultural specialists and experts in aquaponics and fish farming.

      3. Someone with relevant expertise from the team will address this one.

      4. Yes, geopolymer concrete has been discussed within the team and references gathered about its properties. If you have references about this or other promising materials, we’d welcome you sharing those.

      • Regarding Geopolymer Concrete. I’ve been trying to find out if anyone has made a version reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes. Since I’ve been unable thus far to find any information about this being done, I can only speculate. It seems to me that if such material had properties of a polymer to a sufficient degree and the nanotubes increased its strength and durability enough, it might just be a suitable material for large scale injection molding. The conductivity added by the nanotubes should also make it suitable to be used as photovoltaic concrete by adding a photovoltaic pigment to the outside layer after it has set.

        I have actually been trying to get like minded people and organizations together to build a plant that would extract CO2 from the air and convert it into Carbon Nanotubes on a large scale, then sell the nanotube to fund making more of these plants around to world in an effort to combat climate change and fund things such as The Venus Project. So far no luck. I actually made a video presentation on existing technologies that can be used to do it.

    • Wonderful suggestions.

      What about hempcrete? It’s wonderful just piggy back off your comment. Hemp is extremely sustainable, fire proof, etc.

      Another option would be inflatable concrete domes. A fraction of the cost :)

  2. How much do you know of premaculture? It would be the perfect marriage for the venus project. Please please look into it.

  3. When a city reaches capacity and half the population moves into the next city, as time goes on would it be fair to expect that a city could split into three or four cities (taking a third or fourth of the population into the next cities)?

    Is half of the population necessary for the operation of the next city or could the cities divide faster?

    • Thanks for the thoughtful question, Joshua.

      The scaling and replication process can really be fine-tuned in endless different ways. It could be that a city could split into three or four cities and take a third or fourth of the population into the next cities. Or it could also be that new cities are built in stages, starting with 1/8th and replicating it, which would allow for a more gradual development.

      The possibilities are endless, and we can be inspired by natural processes like splitting of beehives and division of cells, but we don’t have to have their limitations.

  4. Based on the concept art and with the assumption each lane in the road is the average 3 meter/10 foot width, I estimate that the central structure would be approximately 94.4 meters/310 feet in diameter. Is that around the intended size for the central structure?

    • Hi Jonathan,

      The size of the central building is still being arrived at based on the various functions the building will serve. However, it will most likely be smaller than your estimate.

      • Would it include a conference/lecture hall to present aspects of The Venus Project and things that are being worked on to audiences? Say for example for holding a conference with various scientific and research groups from around the world, or give a presentation to students from several schools that came there on a school tour.

        KInda like this lecture hall from a college I attended.

        • Yes, a conference hall is certainly planned, and the activities you mentioned would be a great fit for it.

  5. About what distance would be sufficiently close to an international airport to be a suitable location for the Center for Resource Management?

  6. Would it be possible to have a partnership program with universities that would enable university students to study at the Center for Resource Management? Perhaps do courses in sustainable development, alternative economics, automation and robotics. Maybe also some kind of work experience/internship program as research assistants too?

    • Absolutely, this is something we are very much looking forward to doing with universities that are open to it and are in proximity to where the Center for Resource Management will be built. The opportunities for internships, gaining research experience, hosting classes, and more are quite large.

      • That is very good to know. I think it would be a great way to spread information about this direction and collectively work on designing solutions. It would also be a great opportunity for the students who study and work there. Especially if working with universities that have an Erasmus program and also take in students from around the world.

        How close by would a university have to be for ye to consider it to be in proximity and what would be the ideal proximity between a university and the Center for Resource Management?

          • Would that not be a little far for doing courses jointly with the university. I would have thought a shorter travel distance would make it easier for students to attend classes, both at the Center for Resource Management and at the university. Or is there a certain proximity beyond which would be too close?

  7. Hello ,i AM finishing electrónic engeenring and i had think in something very similar ,i would like to work with you co-creating ,so that my final proyect and they organization i create Will be un asosiation with the Venus proyect ,i do not know how it is the legals terms…And how to work toguether …,Here un mundo country there are a lots of places todo create that ,and i have antes idea ,where ,and how we can do it . I had been many last years of my life working investigating,like an Hermitage, in a new social economic Sistem ,the reasons the whys etc … ,the Venus proyect Sistem cannot be aplied yet. ,There is a way we must drive before,but the city must be done .I would like to be an Ally ,and join forces .I have a plan …from very child i thogth the monay was the trouble ,i understund all at 16 all take me like crazy because i sayed we must not use monay .But then i understund before we need (X)…

    in 2014 i Saw a video of jaque fresco and,i do not fell alone and crazy any more .,and i start to have hope.There is a big reason why the world is What it is.I would like to create a final proyect of the carrer ,for our porpose that is the same .I has been studying pmi also.My porpose for you is create that city in my country ,and aply that resorse based economy in that city …,but at the same time we(my organization) Will be doing something for that and the aplication of Tvp in a new city,with the porpose and misión that it is in resonanse of the Venus proyect and some things you are not apling yet and considering .In my investigation from i had 7 years ,there are some reasons you do not consider ,to can be aplied that economy there is a key .I need finish my writes for that can be understund by any one ,is not simple . Then start to create with you in resonanse with that like a team ,acording the terms .If i deside do x proyect ,my university ,will Say okey …I had been thinking in all the consecuenses . I worked a Lot in that direction. Sorry if my English is not good .Thanks.Hug.

  8. Bonjour,je m’appell
    NODJIMGOTO NGARE kodebri,je suis le président coordonnateur d’une association dénommée AIRPPCCN/MC (Agence d’intervention Rapide Pour la Protection Contre Les Catastrophes Naturelles),sise a Sarh au Tchad.L’Association est la recherche de financement aupres de VENUS PROJET pour lancer son nouvau projet de lutte contre la deforestation au sud du Tchad.

  9. This project is super exciting! I will do what I can to spread the news, but for me, it can’t happen fast enough! Do you have a projected time frame for completion of the first center, and maybe an estimate of the first split for the second city? I’d love to join as soon as possible, though I’m not sure I want to live in Florida.

    I think right now is the perfect time for this to get off the ground as there are a lot of like-minded people who are tired of the system and the limitations of money. We have needed this for a long time! Thank you all for your hard work on this!

  10. Hi, I’m a Union Carpenter about halfway through with my training and would love to lend my abilities to such a project. I’d been working on my own version of a very similar concept when I discovered the Venus Project. I’m very excited about it, and want to go all in, but I’d like to know how far along everything is and how I can help. Do you have people from every industry invested yet? Can we begin a settlement where we can all work on it regularly? Or is it still a ways from supporting people?

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