Monthly Updates

January 2019 Updates

This month, we would like to give you some updates as to what is being worked on in The Venus Project. We also have one more audio lecture by Jacque […]

Monthly Updates

December 2018 Updates

In our updates this month, we are excited to share with you the lecture that Roxanne Meadows presented at Knowledge Summit 2018, and the response it received. We also have […]

Monthly Updates

November 2018 Updates

This month we would like to share with you Roxanne Meadows’ upcoming lecture in Dubai. We are also excited about the two Sociocyberneering Audio Lectures with Scrolling Video recently posted […]

Monthly Updates

September 2018 Updates

This month we have an opportunity for those working within the gaming industry to participate in developing immersive Virtual Reality experiences of The Venus Project’s cities. Also within this update, […]

Monthly Updates

August 2018 Updates

This month we have a number of updates to share with you. The Venus Project received a donation that is initiating some exciting possibilities. We also have an update about […]

Monthly Updates

July 2018 Updates

In our update this month, we are pleased to share some new developments, along with our latest released materials. We want to introduce two audio lectures that we just released […]

Roxanne Meadows

The Venus Project believes in a “World Without Crime”

By Amine SAHRANE – Writer for L’Economiste in Morocco (article published Nov 20, 2017 and translated from French to English). Original article: – The Economist: You say that the […]