Baker Museum Exhibit - Jacque Fresco

Baker Museum features Jacque Fresco exhibit

Introduction In the first 30 years of my life architecture and art never impressed me. The art museums were not among my favorite destinations because I was never exposed to […]


Opinions Slow Down Progress

Foreword “If today, in social psychology, I submit a paper to a social psychology journal showing that people think rationally, logically, act in their self-interest in situations I won’t only […]

The Insufficiencies of Language

Foreword The purpose of this post is my attempt to describe the insufficiencies of language and to explore better plausible solutions. The development of languages was slow and took thousands […]

Jacque and Roxanne

Jacque Fresco’s Centennial Celebration

Come celebrate Jacque Fresco’s 100th Birthday! Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows co-founded The Venus Project, which represents the culmination of Jacque’s life’s work: the integration of the best of science […]