NowThis Future: This man is trying to create a world without money

Thank you to NowThis Future for the video!

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  1. This is like a dream my wife says but I do believe and hope we can change the way the world is now to enjoy heaven on earth; Congratulations for such a beautiful idea all we need to do is getting more and more people to teach them the importance of this magnificent project Money is the number one problem in this planet where not only humans are suffering but also animals and forests are getting short
    I am in Australia ready to help in any possible way. I am thinking to get five ( 5 ) friends and each one of them will get five more. Once again, congratulations and my best whishes to get what we want in a short time.. Regards,

    • That’s truly the best way. Nikola Tesla once said, ” A scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of a planer-for the future. His duty is to lay foundation of those who are to come and point the way.” So, if it doesn’t happen in our lifetime, at least it will in our children’s…and we can truly save the species and our home.

  2. Hi, I follow your project for some time, and basically this man is a visionary that have see what is going to happen before many of us. Industrial revolution had clear purpose, that mankind left work to machines, I remember studied that at school many years ago, but we all forget it. Current automation progress is incompatible with money, because at the end, who is going to earn money without work to buy the things manufactures build? So at current progress of automation I only see two possible solutions: 1) The one that Jacque Fresco envisions, 2) Something to reduce population and maintain current status of things for an elite of people. Obviously Jacque Fresco vision is the good one.
    And just look around, many of the things we saw in his videos are already here:
    1) Automatic cars: Software for automatic cars is ready, the real problem is people driving not following driving rules. Automatic cars consume less energy. (I’m an software engineer and follow closely the progress on automatic cars).
    2) High Speed Trains: We saw on Project Venus videos, trains traveling at 1.200Kms/h. Have you read about Elon Musk Hiperloop proyect? It is the same we saw on first documentaries on Venus Project. God bye to plains for non oceanic flights. One of the requirements of this project is to produce the energy for the train directly from the rails (solar panels on top of the tube where the train travels into).
    3) Grow on vertical buildings: Here in Spain on Almería province where they have not much water to grow plants, a company invented a method to grow plants without ground, it is not hydroponic, it s a plastic with a V form where the plant have their roots inside. A flow of water with all nutrients goes inside this V plastic tube, and the leftover water not taken by plants is recirculated again. So no water waste, optimum usage of nutrients. Other companies are studding the right combination of light colours through LED so they can grow plats inside buildings without the need of the sun.
    4) On energy, more and more termosolar plants are build all over the world. We are plenty of energy to use.

    So, as you can see, today we have all the base technology we need to build a world as Jacque Fresco propose, it is not utopia it can be a reality now.

  3. The lynchpin of Fresco’s vision is the eventual evolution of technology to such a degree as to eliminate much of what we call work. Essentially it is moving from an economic system to a resource base system. When I first started listening to his lectures in the late 1960s it seem pretty futuristic. Now it appears to be a soon to be reality.

  4. TVP … one of our (Tier 3) New World platforms …

    Jacque Fresco … age 101 … is getting frail … but (thanks largely to Roxanne’s support and unending belief in what Jacque is transmitting) …

    Jacque Fresco … age 101 … is getting frail … but still going strong … he and Father (age 97) would love each others company – I am sure … they would have much in common – from the historical to the current … both having (ancient and industrial era) mechanical expertise … and ‘gauging’ as in measuring minds … and a great knowledge of history etc …


  5. As money is in fewer and fewer peoples hands, it will allow more of us to stop believing in its almighty value. It is totally absurd to believe wealthy people are somehow deities because of their wealth. Money has value only because of a shared belief system. There is so much more than money that is valuable in life.
    Fresco’s work will bear fruit when it is held as a shared belief. It will be so freeing when we finally dissolve the tyranny and suffering that the money belief systems has created. When we see ourselves as part of a greater whole that is orchestrated for all components to work harmoniously then our eyes can be open to a world Fresco points towards. Humans are fully capable of manifesting his vision. Its a matter of believing in that capability and then using heart, head and hands to accomplish it.

  6. Im surprise and satisfy as some people believe and have high expectation. however, Im realist and first of all Id like to see how its works thislike life live.
    where I can go to check and compare.
    Im 55 yo and I believe Id like to see myselve in some similar world.
    can someone give me the way.

  7. thanks to Jacque and Roxanne …to let us hope in an alternative world …where human being is really at the center of the universe…what Fresco explain in one video is an amazing teaching for all people believe in fraternity and leal community.
    we dream to make this reality….

  8. I Love Jacque Fresco because he’s a great scientist,engineer,artist,lecturer,social engineer,architect and a futurist known for the venus project.MAY GOD BLESS HIM.

  9. I feel confident that the more people know of this vision and the resource based society, then a political party can be created for the masses to vote for it. I only hope that such a political party is established for me to join and vote for.

  10. Hi im 21 and im a student from Latvia im studying right now Architecture, and right now im relay surprised about “Project Venus’ because that is all country dream, and i hope i relay cud see that project in my life.And i will help to get other people know about this project to come true. Thanks a lot Jacque Fresco.

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