An Open Letter from Roxanne Meadows

RE: In Honor of Jacque Fresco (1916 – 2017)

I have received so many letters over the years saying how much people have been inspired by Jacque Fresco. He helped them better understand what was going on in the world, but most of all they expressed that he has given them hope by presenting an alternative society we can work towards to overcome the disastrous conditions we face as a species. Therefore, it is very difficult to let you know that Jacque died peacefully on the morning of May 18, 2017 at 101 years of age. There were many close friends with him the last few days of his life. There will not be a funeral or ceremony held. His body was donated to science as he requested.

Jacque was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Syndrome in recent years and this made his directorship and participation with The Venus Project more difficult. During this time I became a full-time caregiver while furthering the work we have done together for the last forty-one years. As the tour seminars became harder for Jacque, I predominately carried them and will continue to do so. As co-founder of The Venus Project, I will now devote more of my time and energy to carrying it forward as Jacque and I have always planned. Many others want to help bring this work into fruition and there is a very dedicated group of people who are doing just that.

The Venus Project will go on towards our aims and proposals and as Jacque and I always say, “If you want a better world you have to work towards it. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.” As I see it, we are fortunate to have the lifetime of Jacque Fresco’s work to provide a comprehensive direction to move towards; something our world is lacking and desperately needs. So, as always, we need your participation to make it happen. There is lots of work to do! Contact

In Extensionality,
Roxanne Meadows


  1. I fell in love with Jacques as my own when I began to understand what he was talking about in lectures and what he wanted to convey to people. This man clearly changed me. I am grateful to him despite the fact that he did not know me. I want to work with you, but I do not know what can be useful. I live in Russia. Everything is much worse than in the US in terms of economy. For this people, you have to work more physically to eat and feed your family. As Jacques said in people, thinking is limited only by income. For this it is difficult to get out of this system and start thinking and acting differently. I quit smoking cigarettes, began to play sports, began to read the books that Jacques recommended. But time has passed and I seem to have become the same.
    I started smoking, quit sports, stopped reading books, and began to get nervous. I returned again to the same condition that I had before my correspondence with Jacques. How can I overcome this barrier so as not to go back? With respect to you, Roxanne, and your team.

    • Roman,

      My name is Chrysta Lohuis I’ve read your message and I’m not sure who handles Ms. Roxanne’s fan mail or Jacque Frescos even, but I want to make it a point to not leave those searching for answers in the dark! Since you’re aware of Jacque and his views on life than you are aware that he is a big believer in the power of change and evolution and the physiological aspects on the human brain. He clearly believed that we as a human race are one essentially. We can all be just as smart as one another as long as we give each other the tools we need willingly. To answer you unanswered question I believe the right answer you’re looking for is within yourself. Devote yourself to a great understanding such as knowledge. When you are aware of your own tendencies that cause you to go back into the same mind set you have to take a step back and look from the outside looking in to your life! This will help you better asses your hardships and overcome them one step at a time. Getting the answers you seek from someone such as Jacque and Roxanne will be very difficult due to the high amount of fan mail I’m sure they receive on a day to day bases. Don’t give up on yourself or Jacques vision. The Venus Project will make its significant change globally if we can find a way to make it be heard. I’m sorry that I’m the one responding and not the person you’re seeking answered from. But from what I’ve gathered from Jacque in all his captivating perceptions on truth and beliefs he would say “ If you have the tools to give to someone to help them become a better and progressing person you should allow yourself to give those in need the tools you already have” he may have not say this word for word however the concept is present in all his words. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve and I pray that Russia and all who are feeling the way that you do wake up and find their true purpose and meaning on this earth.

  2. The Venus Project is the answer to most of life’s hard questions. It is the first recommendation for our society that has made sense to me in 35 years of being alive. RIP Mr. Fresco. Your name and work will never be forgotten because it the antidote for a poisonous world. Thank you Ms. Meadows for co-founding The Venus Project, and everything you did for Mr. Fresco. Please continue what you’re doing and I will support everyday, like I’ve been doing for the last 6 years. You are amazing and a true heroine in the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Matt in Springfield, VA.

  3. Roxanne,
    Thank you for your update. I am deeply moved by all of your work and have been for a few years now. I am so sad to hear Jacque has passed on but so comforted by your news that you will continue to bring the project to life.
    I am thinking of you all at the sad time and would love to help spread the work throughout the UK. Thank you for being a candle in the dark.
    All the very best to you.

  4. For me personally… I ‘ve always been good at putting puzzles together… but I wasn’t intellectual enough to find the last piece of the puzzle…i am very aware of the point of no return near… and I feared that people will learn this message the hard way…but we’ll have to mitigate that when the time comes… Jacque put the last several pieces of the puzzle together for me… and I’m eternally grateful for that.

  5. Hi Roxanne,
    Thank you for the update and condolences to you on the loss of Jacque.
    I am in awe of the work that you and Jacque have done. I firmly believe that Jacque will be revered as the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time. My wish is for humanity is to awaken from our adversarial and competitive programming and come to the realization that we are all connected and that there is enough for everyone if we work together in managing and utilizing the resources of this magnificent planet that we live on.
    All the very best to you on your quest and thank you for your commitment to the Venus Project.
    With much respect and love

  6. R.I.P Mr Fresco and thank you for light up the darkness of our actual humanity. your vision will finally get into everybody because it’s the answer for a peacefull futur that almost everybody want.

  7. Глубоко соболезную. Уверен, что его дело будет продолжено и закончено.

  8. Gute Reise lieber Jacque, Du wahrer Menschenfreund! Ich werde die Inspiration Deines klaren Geistes so sehr vermissen und hoffe Deine absolut vorbildlichen Ideen leben weiter. Danke für Alles!
    Dein (Dir unbekannter) Freund im Geiste, in ewiger Bewunderung,
    York Christoph Vogel

  9. Blessing on the work! I am deeply grateful for the life of Jacque, and for his partnership with Roxanne. The vision is SO important. May we all be pulled towards it promise and possibilities. Thank you.

  10. A great man and a great soul who will keep a part of mystery forever … His ideas will never die. Thank you, Mr. Fresco.

  11. I am deeply disappointed I did not have the chance to meet the man behind such a grand vision. I offer my condolences for his passing. Roxanne, we are so grateful that you continue working to carry on his life’s work. I am confident that you hold all the more conviction now towards the ultimate goal for civilization and bringing it to fruition. There is much work to be done! I wish to play my part and contribute as best as I possibly can . Each day, I work to build my own knowledge and ideas while spreading awareness of TVP. We must educate ourselves and spread the word! Things must change for the better, for we deserve a world like the one you have both envisioned for so long.
    Best wishes!

  12. Jacque fresco man with big letters. His intelligence, as well as determination and wisdom will learn and try to teach my son. I will always support the concept of his works and distribute as much information as possible on such an outstanding, as Jacque fresco. Roxanne, my condolences for the death of someone close to you friend, companion, mentor. Brace yourself, your cause is right and will succeed sooner or later. I embrace you, Irina, Spain

  13. One of the great minds of all time. I will never forget seeing him in a talk show interview as a teenager in the 70s. In the midst of Nixon, Vietnam, pollution and the human condition as a whole I recall the feeling that he was sane and the rest of us were crazy. I look at his designs and read his thoughts, and I dream of living in a world where he is the architect, engineer, designer….and prophet.

    How fortunate the world is to have his devoted colleague Roxanne Meadows to carry on their dreams.

  14. Dear Roxanne,
    I hope you have the support and the strength and support to go on. I am honored to have had the opportunity of meeting you and Jacque at the Venus site. This is a paradigm i believe in profoundly. It is my with you have the strength, support and blessings to keep this legacy alive. You may count on me.
    Most cordially and respectfully,

  15. Мне очень жаль… Лекции Жака Фреско позволяли увидеть мир другими глазами и удивиться, что до него ты этого не понимала. Спасибо за наследие.

    It is a real pity… the lectures of Jacques Fresco allowed to see the world in a different way and to get surprised that before he told you were not able to understand it by yourself. Thank you for this priceless heritage.

  16. On one hand, it breaks my heart that Jacque Fresco did not live to see his vision for the world fully brought to life, but on the other hand, because I believe that every individual soul comes back to share a physical reality with us again and again, my heart thrills to imagine his soul returning to this planet in the future to find that the world has been transformed, that his hopes and dreams were not for nothing, and that humans finally got the message and did something about it. Wouldn’t that be something?

    I am so pleased to know that his work will live on, and that this project will not be abandoned. It is, in my opinion, one of the most important visions of a better future being offered to the human race now, as we face the sixth mass extinction of life on this planet. I believe we can still make it, so long as we get serious and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together at last. The Venus Project is a very, very important piece of that puzzle. May your continued efforts be blessed moving forward.

  17. Jacque Fresco is the wisest person I’ve ever discovered. I feel I know him just because of watching him on video. He did an amazing job of passing on his knowledge. I’ll keep on learning from him, virtually.

  18. Tuvimos la gran fortuna de conocer el pensamiento de este maravilloso ser humano, que nos presentó de forma práctica la única salida que tenemos para sobrevivir como especie, nos sentimos orgullosos y agradecidos por el legado que nos deja. A las futuras generaciones solo podemos decirles..”vivimos una época trascendental de la humanidad, vivimos cuando la economía basada en recursos fué mostrada a los humanos….vivimos en los JACQUE FRESCO”

  19. Life makes it hard for those who do good. It is the journey of humanity to transform fear to hope and love to hate.

  20. We are fortunate to witness the seeds of the Venus project sown during our lifetime.

    Jacque will always be amongst us through his works.

    In extensionality,
    Tapas Bora

  21. Thank you for everything you did. When I listened to what you say, I always started to feel stronger. And dreaming that someday I will work with you.

  22. I would love to celebrate the life of Mr Fresco and the wisdom and vision he has brought to the life of myself and many others with his work.
    He will continue to be an inspiration to all humans that strive for a better future.

  23. Querida Roxanna,

    Tengo gran aprecio por todo vuestro maravilloso trabajo. Hemos senrido la sensible perdida de nuestro maestro inspirador de futuro Jacque Fresco.

    Por favor, quisiera saber si hay equipos trabajando con pasos preliminares. Soy Economista y he trabajado tambien en educación, filosofia y voy a Chile a trabajar con Biodanza y buscar soluciones para la pobreza. Si puedes dirigirme a alguien te agradeceria mucho. Deseo ser parte del futuro que has soñado.

    Con afecto y admiración


  24. Jacque was kind enough to take the time to speak to kids from around the world in his interview with Kids Talk Radio. We will air it again in his memory. His work has inspired us as we work on the “Occupy Mars Learning Adventures.” I feel that Roxanne Meadows will lead this team in the right direction.

  25. rest in peace Jacque Fresco and thank you for opening our eyes on the reality of this world i wish all the best for Venus project and i wish i can serve in it one day keep the good work and i hope that Roxanne will lead and have all the support to complete this goal .

  26. Rest In peace, those that offer peace deserve peace.

    We look now as Jacques did, to making use of what we know and building for all people , a future. in the absence of the pyramid power structures of globalization being in any way interested in working towards building a project city.

    I am wondering if between smaller private structures, a “network” and actual working social exchange can be started ? This is in no way about dropping “out” of society, more so about dropping in and getting the practical values of RBE out and operational.

    Thoughts ?

  27. The trouble with Jacques is that his vision, although good and beneficial if it was followed was just too big and too grand. His vision embraced the entire world. If you exclude GOD from such a project, it’s a losing battle. God alone can solve our problem. The heart needs to change. I hate to say that, but i believe the venus project will not work, for the simple reason, it would demand a global miracle. It would demand most world leaders coming to the same table. Even for something like the brexit in England, look at the mess. Only God in the Person of Christ can do miracles. Without Him, forget it. You cannot do it yourself. We CANNOT do it.

    • I would like to offer the counter reality in which, after watching Jacque’s 1984 interview with a Larry King with full black hair, how many of the discoveries Jacque mentioned have already come to fruition. That interview also accords the understanding that the primary reason that not all of Jacque’s visions aren’t a part of current reality is due to greed, politics and the combination. That should be unacceptable to all saner people, as Jacque’s would say, since no one is “sane”, a static state.

  28. I just heard of his passing and man what a forward thinker. He definitely changed my entire outlook on life. He should be regarded as one of the most brilliant people in the history of mankind. Im truly a better person just from listening to this mans point of view. Hes the Leonardo Da Vinci of the 20th century. Way ahead of his time.

  29. I just found out about Jacques. It’s clear that he changed the way many people see the world and what is possible, myself included. It’s important to recognize though that he too was influenced by many brilliant minds before him, like Bucky Fuller who once said – “You never change things by opposing the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”. It is very much up to US to channel the very logical and practical principles these brilliant minds promoted, through our actions, lifestyles and career paths. Others to learn from are John Etzler, Thorstein Veblen and Jeremy Rifkin. Information has NEVER been more readily available, so it’s time we take education and health into our own hands. Be part of the solution…become the new model!!

    RIP Jacques, and all the best to you Roxanne.

  30. Seven months have passed and it still saddens me to realize he’s not here anymore. I’m a simple woman, with a limited vocabulary trying to express myself through a foreign language so I apologize for that. But it breaks my heart thinking this amazing man, maybe the most intelligent in contemporary times, had one dream his whole life, and didn’t get the chance to see it come to reality. He dedicated his whole life, worked hard to perfect it, but not even 100 years are enough for fixing a truly broken society. He left us the blueprint… and people are getting better, their minds are starting to open up, we are on the right track, we can see the change around us. But… I’m afraid it will take more than 20 years from now on, for the majority of people to – begin- to understand what Jacque was talking about. And even more years to actually start doing something towards that direction. I’m not an optimist, I consider optimists to be naive; I’d rather be a pessimist who’s pleasantly surprised, than a disappointed optimist.
    The future is in the youth’s mind; the future depends on the way we help them shape their minds which will create that future. Today’s adults are too arrogant and stuck with their own broken ideas. Like that saying “Teach a man to fish…” we could teach our youth to build a better future than we did.
    Roxanne, please don’t be shy! Get angry if you have to! We can do this together!
    Jacque, I don’t believe in after-life and reincarnation, but thank you! Thank you so much for all the hard work and guidance. You helped me find answers to so many questions I had and helped me see life the way it really is.
    Reira, Romania.

  31. I was sad to discover the passing of Mr. Fresco. I have come to know the Venus Project late in the day, but I firmly believe in the path laid out. I wish I could have met him and of course you Roxanne, but that didn’t come to pass.
    Being a baby boomer, I’ve also seen and can confirm much of Mr. Fresco’s observations on the system we were born into. I’ve worked much in the computer world and can see the advantages of computers in a resource based economy. My only concern as we all move forward that we make back-ups. I know that sounds odd, but I recommend Mr. Fresco’s work, be ‘backed up’ and disseminated so as to reduce the chances of losing anything. It might be harder with models etc. but they can be scanned and re-3D-printed.
    It’s just a suggestion, based on my understanding of human nature, denial, and the like. The Venus Project stands to give the 1% super-rich a headache, and the 99% relief from fear and scarcity. Until the 99% adopt The Venus Project, the 1% may seek to bury it.

  32. Госпожа Роксана! Я инженер из России, мне 64 года, но я только недавно узнал о вашей работе с Жаком Фреско. Так получилось. Я давно переписываюсь с инженерами США, которые много лет ведут свое расследование событий 11 сентября 2001 года и тоже проводят свои семинары по всему миру, чтобы показать людям свои расчеты и исследования о том, что небоскребы не могли упасть с ускорением свободного падения даже от удара самолета и пожара. Вы, Роксана, знаете этих инженеров: А они знают о вас и вашем проекте? Очень хотелось бы, чтобы Вы нашли общее дело, и надеюсь, что они смогут помочь и Вам в будущем. С уважением, Владимир.

  33. Dear Roxanne and All Venus Project Believers,

    My name is Chrysta Lohuis. Much like yourselves I am a believer in Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows visions. I believe that there needs to be a grand awakening of our societal believers that a world can truly exist without currency and without a government. Jacques biggest issue with our human race is that we all want the same outcome but go about it in very DIFFERENT WAYS. However to have the right type of person with the right amount of energy and the right voice to get it out there we would want that person to help out right? I find it very difficult to spread a message to those who don’t look up from their phones, who don’t relate to the verbiage and beliefs of someone is so intellectually brilliant like a scientist. We need someone other than Roxanne Meadows to help spread Jacque Frescos message. If anyone can help me find a way to get the attention of Roxanne Meadows please help! It is fundamentally important that I express to her my desires to continue and help spread the truth and the urge to make this significant change globally. I’ve emailed her but no response so here I am months later on a comment section of an open letter written by Roxanne herself to try and put my energy and soul into this project. Change is here. And I’m ready to deliver it. So if Roxanne you’re reading this take in this message as you would have wanted someone like Jacque Fresco to recognize your thirst for change! Allow me to work side by side with you to make this transition! You were in your twenties when you met Jacque and he believed in you to help him make this Venus Project into what it is today! Let’s waste no time and take in those who truly want to spread this message other than at their dinner tables!!!! Thank you for your time! I love learning and understanding all of Jacque Frescos vision for a world with division and without hate.

  34. Only pure love can express the life and the loss of Jacques Fresco. I only regret not knowing of him decades ago, a person in the world with such a gift and disposition and reason.
    You as well and your relation to a person with such greatness, science and love.
    I hope you are well and I also consider you inspiration for a future beautifully paved by friendship and knowledge and art. Your inspiration is a seed that can turn humanity into a greater social and global love. Your voice to me is a healing strength. A guide to mental health and my particular love of art.
    Miguel Araiza

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