Jacque Fresco – Creativity, Imagination & Design




Today many people believe there is something within them that can be brought out, or that people inherit information and they just have to learn to tap the source. Fresco offers a very different viewpoint based on his prolific experience with inventions from across a wide range of fields and industries. He discusses what imagination and creativity are and what methodologies are needed to develop these activities, which he explains are based on physical reality. Jacque introduces the questions to ask when designing, and how, in some cases, this may be contradictory to achieving commercial viability. We learn the importance of asking the correct questions in order to describe what is needed for design considerations. Jacque relates this process to many aspects of design from blankets, science fiction figures, chairs, lights, houses to social systems and more. He also explains how if you are successful at innovation, it necessitates educating others about your new concepts, and the consequences of neglecting this. In essence, we learn what Jacque Fresco thought about when he designed.

Full lecture runtime: 36:00 minutes

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