Jacque Fresco – Free Will & Influence of Background




Jacque Fresco challenges the assumption of free will and illustrates how this cherished notion has no basis. He asks the viewer to consider how “cause” is projected as independent agency and questions how we could ever act out of anything free of the influence of our background. He makes the case that belief in free will and individuality is a tool to maintain establishments & social conditions which would otherwise undergo significant modification.

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  1. Randy Pruitt

    I would say Jacque was dead right about the conditioning factor of society. Over the last year I have been trying to find a method to bring environmentalists together to focus in on the problem of Fukushima which has already devastated life in the Pacific and presently is swigging around both from the north and south Atlantic. Like it or not The Venus Project now lives in a post Fukushima world, where given the precept of a Resource Based Economic System shall have to contend with those resources either going extinct as a food supply or crops being grown under increasingly radiated conditions where as time goes on bioaccumulation shall be a concern everywhere on the planet. What I see environmentalists doing is a kind of self regulating conditioning. Where, though they feel empowerment in protest and YouTube videos, somehow this doesn’t seem to translate over to being empowered to offer up real and tangible solutions to say, the problem of Fukushima, its containment and how to build a civilization moving forward given the resources at hand, under the most cooperative effort of the modern world. So far none of the Government’s have come together on this, yet its effects of life on this planet shall be permanent and long lasting. It’s time to change the paradigm, it’s time to break the old conditioning. It’s time to do what hasn’t yet been done, offer the world a real and lasting solution to Fukushima and the nuclear problem in terms of waste and alternative energy production methods. It’s time The Venus Project came unto its own and proposed a way out of this nuclear mess we find ourselves in. Roxanne, you know me, give me call or e-mail me to discuss this further. Anything done shall fall under The Venus Project of course and I wouldn’t have it any other way, you already have my signature and this is Venus Project territory….

  2. John

    Jacques Fresco is a very talented person, I repeatedly received an order on the site https://coolessay.net to write about his period in life, when he increasingly began to come to the idea of ​​creating a symbiotic public order, which will organically include the coexistence of man and nature. Jacques-Engineer was interested in the possibility of creating a fully paid housing, which can operate autonomously, without the use of external power sources. The first such project, which was created in conjunction with Earl Münz, was the construction of a building from a special aluminum structure. The first eco house was shown at the Hollywood studio and brought a lot of revenue to its creators, which they spent on charity. But the US budget refused to provide financial support for the construction of such buildings, and the project remained unrealized.

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