Jacque Fresco – Machine Government




People through the years have been skeptical of a proposed government run by machines but in this lecture, Jacque Fresco explains why it is the future. A government run by people is influenced by temperament, bias, prejudice and lack of information so many people working together can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. People also need to take breaks, eat, sleep, and more.

Jacque provides examples showing that machines aren’t our enemies but that people today may use machines for negative incentives. Machines will assist humans until they exceed our performance as in many ways they are today, but they will be redirected for humanity’s wellbeing. Jacque also explores decision making and how The Venus Project does not make decisions but, rather, arrives at them.

Duration: 54 minutes

Price: Free


  1. Shayne Michael Romero

    Truly the best money can’t buy.

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