Learn to Draw with Jacque Fresco




Learn to Draw with Jacque Fresco


  1. esaiashuni

    Great, easy to understand lessons of perspective drawing, light and shade and others, with a few very useful, unique drawing techniques of Jaque. I learned a lot in a few months, now i can draw cars, furniture, airplanes, houses, technology, people, animals and much more, i’m also able to draw anything that i had in mind with this knowledge of drawing. Jaccque also explains what the meaning of creativity really is and shows a new way of thinking about it which will change the way you think of people, particularly if you thought artist had an inborn ability to draw as some may say.

    I’m sure anybody would get something out of this drawing course, even if you already know these subjects, Jacque’s way of teaching drawing is very different, interesting and fun.

  2. joachimrissler

    I have seen some of the videos and honestly they are great, and great is a word I normally avoid.. Easy to understand – the teacher (Jacques Fresco) covers amazing and sometimes surprisingly simple methods to draw and gets across how you draw and that everyone following these principles can learn it. You learn the proper reason for why it works and you experience very quickly a lot of success. Everyone good luck and lots of fun in the world of drawing :)

  3. suevixi

    What a wonderful way to learn to draw.

  4. Jonathan Harris

    Excellent way to learn how to draw. I wish I would have recieved a physical copy of the video I thought I was purchasing. Instead this uses the simpleology website with step by step lessons which is helpful. Overall I’m satisfied with my purchase.

  5. Lukas

    Private architecture schools do not allow to see such an image becouse they will lose their business. You hawe to pay a cosiderable amount of money to private architectural schools for lessons. I think this is a very good lessons and better than a lessons from a private architecture schools.

  6. Bonez

    I learned about the social & technological aspects of The Venus Project and the work of Jacque Fresco before I ever knew he produced videos as a drawing instructor. I am amazed at how easy to understand his drawing lessons are because he claimed that children could draw like adults – and he was right. The lessons are very straightforward and tackle one concept of technical illustration at a time giving the student opportunities to fine tune skills that turn out great drawings. When I was young I considered myself a pretty good artist, but none of my drawings were technically good. My buildings could not be blueprinted, people & animals I drew may have looked nice but the proportions were all wrong, and I didn’t understand things like shading & lighting as well as I thought I did. Learning to draw with Jacque did more for me in 4 days than years of copying “great artists” ever did. And I was honored to be able to visit the research center in Venus, FL and study from the man himself at age 101 as well as with Roxanne. They make learning to draw very simple to execute. ANYONE can learn how to draw, and “Learn To Draw With Jacque Fresco” is proof of it. This is not only a great gift to give to a loved one AND a valuable skill to expose children to, it is also a fantastic way to support The Venus Project as they continue to work on the viable plan that is a global resource based economy. Highly recommended to anyone looking for ways to de-stress, learn and practice new skills, or looking for a gift for a young person in their life.

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