Self-Erecting Structures & Cities in the Sea (DVD)




Cities in the Sea (DVD)

We are only now beginning to recognize the enormous potential and diversity of the relatively untapped resources of the world’s oceans. The oceans offer an almost limitless environment for food and energy production, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Colonization of the oceans is one of the last frontiers that remain on earth. If intelligently managed, the creation of ocean communities could be among the greatest achievements of the twenty-first century. This video presents visions of tomorrow’s cities in the sea. Running time 15 minutes, produced 2002.

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Self-Erecting Structures (DVD)

Self-Erecting Structures presents the fantastic future of the intelligent and humane use of AI and cybernation as they construct our cities, bridges, tunnels, factories, and more – while protecting the environment. Running time approx. 15 minutes. Produced 2002.

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