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The Complete Venus Project Library Set includes:

1) The book The Best That Money Can’t Buy
2) The 4 DVD set of The Venus Project Tour
3) The 16 DVD set of Jacque Fresco’s Lecture Series 2010-2011 (see contents below)
4) The 20 audio CD classic archives of Jacque Fresco’s lectures from 1974-1980 (see contents below)
5) The 2 DVD set of Future By Design
6) The DVDs Welcome to the Future, Cities in the Sea, Self-Erecting Structures
7) As gifts we are including two free DVDs of our documentaries Paradise or Oblivion and The Choice is Ours

Contents of the 16 DVD set of Jacque Fresco’s Lecture Series 2010-2011

This 16 DVD video set is from Fresco’s lectures given from 2010-2011 in Venus, Florida. Each disc is 45 minutes to over 1 hour and covers a variety of subjects.

Series 1

Disc 1. Expectations, Predictability, Mechanistic, Subjective Behavior (part 1).
Disc 2. Expectations, Predictability, Mechanistic, Subjective Behavior (part 2).
Disc 3. Depression, Behavioral Science.
Disc 4. City Systems.

Series 2

Disc 1. Creativity.
Disc 2. Bridging Nations (lecture 1), Semantics & Anticipating Change (lecture 2).
Disc 3. Automation in The Venus Project.
Disc 4. Education.

Series 3

Disc 1. Human Behavior (part 1).
Disc 2. Human Behavior (part 2).
Disc 3. Conflict Resolution, Procedural Systems.
Disc 4. Free Will.

Series 4

Disc 1. Application of Relativity.
Disc 2. Questions, Participation, Stating the Problem.
Disc 3. Differences in Human and Robot Systems.
Disc 4. Competent Democracy.

Contents of the 20 audio CD classic archives of Jacque Fresco’s lectures from 1974-1980

This 20 Audio CD set is from Fresco’s classic lectures from 1974-1980. Each disc covers a different topic:

Series 1

1a. Optimum Tools
1b. Science and Social Change
1c. Relationships
1d. Functional Ethics

Series 2

2a. Metaphysics
2b. Inadequacy of Language
2c. Corruption
2d. Religious vs. Scientific Approaches

Series 3

3a. Controlling Behavior
3b. Identifying and Changing Values
3c. Looking for Justice
3d. Depression

Series 4

4a. Approval and Identity
4b. Science, Illusion, Authenticity
4c. Social Progress and Productivity
4d. Systems Approach

Series 5

5a. The Difficulty of a Scientific Attitude
5b. Ethics, Competition, Purpose
5c. Myth of Communication, Perils of Social Adjustment, Seeking Acceptance
5d. We’re All Well Adjusted

The Classic Lecture CD’s were taped on non-professional personal tape recorders by the attendees of these lectures. The sound is not high quality. We feel that any background noise would be acceptable because of the significance of the information.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3.75 × 8.5 in


  1. Elvir Krslak

    For everyone who wants to get smart really quickly the complete library set is a bargain!

    Not only will it tell you in depth what TVP is about, it will save you a lot of time figuring out a lot of the things that you were already wondering about. Why is there greed? Is war really necessary? Are we actually free? Is technology threatening our jobs? And many more…

    I promise you, you’ll get the answers to these questions and many of them won’t be what you expected, but it all ties in a very clear and comprehensive way. And the best thing of it is that TVP offers a positive alternative. This is as close as one could get to being realistically optimistic and clear about the future!

    In the videos and audio lectures you get roughly 60 hrs of material. This library set will take you from deep sleep to being awake in a really informed way as fast as you can take it. You can literally get there within a month or two, depending on how much time off the mobilephone you’re willing to sacrifice : )

    One hour of TVP a day will keep the hypnosis of BIG-media away!
    Have a great life and support The Venus Project!

  2. Zullay (verified owner)

    Where can I start?! And what should I include! The only way to really understand is depth is to actually buy it and go through the experience itself. Anyone who picks this up can have different walks of life, history, believes, etc. And so what you get out of it and what you question after depends on each individual. I would advice to first go through the experience and then take a note of your questions after processing everything. It’s true that it is easy to not be able to process everything once and so it might be better to continue going over it more than once despite the length of time that would take. Most people, including myself, are brought up in a culture where we want to understand everything very quickly and we want to understand how to get from here to there in a very direct way. We are afraid of unrealistic dreams, dictators, being brainwashed, etc. But if viewers/readers/listeners give this a chance, you will see how that is the other way around: how we are already in a dictatorship, being brainwashed and filled with delusions. Sure we don’t want MORE of that: and that probably speaks to the history of wars in implementing different systems that we thought were better than the other. But Venus Project is not like any other vision. It’s not a system of politics and money. And even if there is some much more work to be done after it’s implemented– at least it’s something that can allow us to move forward in evolving in a way that is more functional and sustainable. There is not enough about designs, even though they do show their designs, but I think that speaks to the fact that most people should visit the center as well. And the project continues to evolve to different phases, and so that is another factor. If I would have been able to get into this sooner, my life would have been completely different. That is the reasons I want to donate a lot of these products to a variety of organizations: the public library (if it allows me to), Africa, prisoners and those in the military. I’ll ask Roxanne if that’s OK to do. All I know is that this needs to be distributed very widely regardless of its phases, and that people should just evolve with it: participate throughout its phases. It’s easy to think (as I heard someone on the internet say) that the Venus Project just wants to be an amusement park and not really implement their vision. But of course implementing it has its challenges and those challenges need to be considered and tested out more widely: it needs the support of the masses. And it needs scientists of all fields actually implementing their own skills and knowledge into the project’s equation while being inspired by it enough to change their direction and creativity into it rather than the conventional way that it is taught and expected to be implemented in society. Perhaps I should also look into these nonprofits that try to train girls to be innovators of technology and architect: so they can see that it is not just about challenging their role into their immediate society, but challenging how society SHOULD be.

  3. Gabriel Gomez

    Hello, i believe a good suggestion would be to allow another types of format in the content to facilitate the access to this info all over the world.

  4. alqk0310

    Hello from Taiwan, I am really interested in learning the Sociocyberneering, but in 2022 it seem to be a wasted if you send the Books, CDs & DVDs to me.
    I’d like to get the files on any type of form, if you take it to a consideration,please contact me in the future,thanks

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