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Jacque Fresco Lecture Series

This Set includes 16 DVDs and 20 CD’s:

1) Jacque Fresco Lecture Series 2010-2011 (Full Set)

This 16 DVD video set is from Fresco’s lectures given from 2010-2011 in Venus, Florida. Each disc is 45 minutes to over 1 hour and covers a variety of subjects.

Series 1

Disc 1. Expectations, Predictability, Mechanistic, Subjective Behavior (part 1).
Disc 2. Expectations, Predictability, Mechanistic, Subjective Behavior (part 2).
Disc 3. Depression, Behavioral Science.
Disc 4. City Systems.

Series 2

Disc 1. Creativity.
Disc 2. Bridging Nations (lecture 1), Semantics & Anticipating Change (lecture 2).
Disc 3. Automation in The Venus Project.
Disc 4. Education.

Series 3

Disc 1. Human Behavior (part 1).
Disc 2. Human Behavior (part 2).
Disc 3. Conflict Resolution, Procedural Systems.
Disc 4. Free Will.

Series 4

Disc 1. Application of Relativity.
Disc 2. Questions, Participation, Stating the Problem.
Disc 3. Differences in Human and Robot Systems.
Disc 4. Competent Democracy.

2) Fresco’s Classic Lectures (Full Set)

This 20 Audio CD set is from Fresco’s classic lectures from 1974-1980. Each disc covers a different topic:

Series 1

1a. Optimum Tools
1b. Science and Social Change
1c. Relationships
1d. Functional Ethics

Series 2

2a. Metaphysics
2b. Inadequacy of Language
2c. Corruption
2d. Religious vs. Scientific Approaches

Series 3

3a. Controlling Behavior
3b. Identifying and Changing Values
3c. Looking for Justice
3d. Depression

Series 4

4a. Approval and Identity
4b. Science, Illusion, Authenticity
4c. Social Progress and Productivity
4d. Systems Approach

Series 5

5a. The Difficulty of a Scientific Attitude
5b. Ethics, Competition, Purpose
5c. Myth of Communication, Perils of Social Adjustment, Seeking Acceptance
5d. We’re All Well Adjusted

The Classic Lecture CD’s were taped on non-professional personal tape recorders by the attendees of these lectures. The sound is not high quality. We feel that any background noise would be acceptable because of the significance of the information.

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