Progress Report on the Transcription Project

Below you will find the progress of our efforts to transcribe 864 lectures by Jacque Fresco and the amount of funds spent. The original funds allotted to this purpose was set at $25,000 and attained from a matching donations campaign.

Included in the total percentage of work completed is the transcripts previously completed by volunteers prior to raising funds for this purpose. Volunteers previously transcribed 14% (120 transcripts).

Remaining funds pay freelancers to transcribe the audio to text. This does not guarantee a quality of text suitable for publishing, but it does assure access to the information.

If you have English literacy skills and would like to improve the quality of the text to make it more suitable for publishing, consider volunteering to our Transcription team to help with proofreading.


    • I thought that at first too. I get wanting to document his great mind and work but it would benefit the world so much more if that money was put into helping get the word out about his ideas in a huge way. That’s what big companies and corporations do. They pay celebrities and government officials to endorse and promote whatever they want you to buy or believe and actually brainwash society into doing whatever they want. We as a human race are slaves and are too ignorant too see that or even want to try to understand how that happened and what we need to do to change that.

      • What you are suggesting is just trying to beat the Capitalists at their own game of Advertising and that’s just not going to work. That’s especially true since The Venus project opposes Capitalist motives in the first place. After all, hasn’t the environmental, political, economic, and social MESS that we’re in now that has been wrought by RAW Capitalism why we need something like The Venus Project now ??? I think that a much bigger concern is how to wrest control from Capitalism to make this happen. Do you REALLY think that the Capitalists will just walk away and let The Venus Project just take over without a fight ??? I see nothing less than a political revolution from the grass roots to make this Grand Vision become anything close to a Reality.

    • I work in advertisement, it is to push ideas for sales. Most Things with substance are learned from the old way of word of mouth.

      Considering it is education the first thing you need is documentation. Educate yourself on the concepts while encouraging people to do the same.

      Advertisement has too many cons at the moment and would not get the Return on Investment.

      If people didn’t write down what the Greeks said, how would we have formed the American Democracy ?

      • Tyler is absolutely right. On any project, priorities have to be projected and resources allocated by degree of importance. Documentation is of utmost importance for the Venus Project teams so that resources are readily available for the public sphere so that those who want to educate themselves in order to accurately share Fresco’s research and ideas that culminated into the conceptualization and implementation of the Venus Project, can do so.

        Likewise, it should be the priority of the public who are responsive and supportive of the Venus Project, to give their time and their talents to spreading awareness about the Venus Project. It is up to the public to speak with state and local representatives who would be open to and show support for the Venus Project (i.e. Congressional Progressives) because too envision a world without monetary reliance, a world free of social and economic disparity, a clean and technologically advanced world, and a world where human labor is no longer in a position to be exploited.

        It is counterproductive to both assert that the priorities of the Venus Project team are insufficiently adjusted while also claiming they ought to do more. Maybe it’s time those of us, as public entities, to invest some of our own brain and creative power into the sphere of public awareness.

        Instead of putting your money where your mouth is, it’s put your actions where your mouth is.

        • This is so very well said. Absolutely spot on. It’s up to us to spread the word, to use our own individual talents to bring this to light to those who are unaware of what possibly could be. If we all just made an effort. It’s really that simple. Bravo Ara Claire, bravo.

    • Documenting the wealth that was on Jacque’s knowledge over 101 years of devotion far outways the cost of transcription… I’m not even sure you could put a price on it.

  1. I don’t agree that it’s a waste of resources, because these lectures, texts need to be reviewed and analyzed and improved…
    There can be a fundraiser for a massive advertisment.

  2. Jaques was a visionary with a beautiful soul and an awe inspiring intelligence and talent! Every word from him needs to be heard! I would dedicate myself to his work if I could. But my time here is limited. I wish our youth would listen to him. Our world might just survive.

  3. Would you please send me one lecture that has been transcribed so I can get a sense of the foundation of the lectures. Maybe send one of them that will wow me! :-)

  4. I am as the man who in fact has a resourceful vision for the future of the planet I will be forthcoming if you have me to participate in this enormous task.i will hope to here from you because I want to be a part of this as much as the firm believers that have made this project possible. Until your reply I rest.

  5. Hi, I m from Brazil and a I have a great opportunity to provide resources to fund this project, we have a group focus in inovate Technologies, and Smart City very similar of Venyus.

    We would like to make contact ASAP, we have a window opportunity closing.

    It will be a great pleasure to share our disruptive technologies in the energy and health sector.

    Have a great day.

    • Hey how you doing I am interested in living in a smart city and help! I am a sociale worker and also educating myself in natural food! Also the power of herbs and plants! I have a small community on the netherlands with people who love and like to transcend to a higher level of conciousness!

      I would love and like to hear about the opportunities by helping and living in a community !

      I am half brasilian and half suriname !

      Let me know if we can get in touch with eachother !

      • I have listened to Jacques for years and believed in his concepts but I am now beginning to question if it sounds a bit dystopian and resembles the ‘Smart Cities’ the cabal have in mind for us. Can you point out the differences?
        Kind regards, June

  6. I have created a fuel-free engine, it can generate electrical energy, it can help the project. I really hope that the Venus project will have a future!

  7. I love your vision. I too have the same vision.. Living in a world in harmony. Better than the one we are experiencing at the moment

  8. I have been advocating for TVP for some time now, I truly believe it is the only way for us to experience true freedom and true equality. However, there are a lot of closed minded souls out there that cannot wrap their minds around the no work/no money/everything free concept and find it too good to be true. I find this mostly with the younger generations who don’t see the world changing for the better. Still I believe TVP is the best and only option for a truly happy world so I leave a link to this site whenever possible. Aloha & Mahalo.

  9. I work in advertising (digital marketing etc). I can provide this at my cost. I am CEO of Lightray Solutions.

    Let me know if interested!

    With that said, I must have missed the response on how non-participants would be treated in this society. Thank you in advance for a response.

  10. We are from Barcelona (Catalonia), we work with cellulose thermal and acoustic insulation, respectful with the environment, we love the idea of the Venus Project, for a better world, without differences and respect for our planet.

    Is there any planning of how it is planned to grow and evolve this project from Florida to other regions of the planet?

  11. We need this concept and ethos more than ever now. New sustainable eco villages and towns springing up in safe areas built by the next generation. Building life for future generations is a full time job and should be fully supported by all of humanity. Auroville in South India is a great living example of how it can and does work. Good luck and I hope we collaborate one day.

  12. I’m excited about this. Unfortunately it seems progress on this project has come to a halt. Could we maybe have access to the audio recordings without a written transcript? You know, how the original 20 classic lecture series was. This would probably speed up the release of these lectures. A status update would be very much appreciated, thank you!

  13. Can we get a status update on this project. I’m excited to hear more Fresco recordings. Maybe release as audio only and ditch the text transcript on some of these. Transcripts are a nice bonus but not really a necessity to be honest. It also seems to be what’s holding all of this back.

  14. Agree with guys. I have no idea why you can’t reveal audio even though it is a bad quality. Also, I can’t understand why people living in the USA can’t raise $15 k while their Nationwide average monthly salary rate is $5k. The question is have you already raised that sum and just pretend that you didn’t or there is something else which is holding you back from it?

  15. W.E.F doesn’t want this , as they have a better plan ( they think), almost everything will be the same but humans need to be upgraded with diffrent kind of nanotechnology, and of course our biggest mafia Rockefeller/Rotschilds/Gates don’t want to lose control of the rescources they control, and specialy not the money or gold that made this world totaly sick!
    I recently saw this project and my eyes begun to tear as I know that Jaque is totaly right about everything, but again Swiss (geneve) want to stay in control. If it was really about saving humanity or the climate then why would they not spend their Trillions into the ocean to clean it etc?
    I will tell everybody I meet /speak or know about this project and I hope maybe it can change hearts of the biggest bullies on this planet.

  16. This is really incomprehensible. The progress of 37% has stagnated. TVP has the money, but we don’t have progress for months… We don’t even have financial transparency about years 2019-2020… Something is very wrong… I have donated money for this project!

    I think they should have published all the audio lectures a long time ago. I think Fresco made a huge mistake that he didn’t write down these lectures and that he didn’t add direct scientifically correct references to his books and lectures…

  17. Surely there is technology that can transcribe automatically to assist.

    If you upload to Youtube, their AI system (evil or not) automatically transcribes on screen for those hearing impared.

  18. As Duncan Hammond mentioned, there are many ways to accomplish this task for a lot less than the amount requested and probably less than has already been spent. It seems that the reluctance to publish the audio files is likely due to greed. As soon as they are posted publicly, there will no longer be a market for printing them. Seems like this was an attempt to get volunteers to type the transcripts, convert them into cogent thoughts to be printed, and then publish the lectures to make money off them. If they were truly groundbreaking, I guarantee you could find a publishing company willing to fund the transcription and printing of the lectures.

    Lastly, does nobody else see the irony in the fact that this project espouses a belief that everyone should have access to goods and services without paying (either with money, barter, or labor) but can’t seem to get people onboard with transcribing these lectures that are so important? It’s tough to get people to do something for you when they are promised absolutely nothing in return. Good luck getting the world or even a reasonably large subset of society to take on that belief. And if they actually wanted to live that life, they wouldn’t be charging people $130 for a tour of a facility in the middle of nowhere Florida.

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