Progress Report on the Transcription Project

Below you will find the progress of our efforts to transcribe 864 lectures by Jacque Fresco and the amount of funds spent. The original funds allotted to this purpose was set at $25,000 and attained from a matching donations campaign.

Included in the total percentage of work completed is the transcripts previously completed by volunteers prior to raising funds for this purpose. Volunteers previously transcribed 14% (120 transcripts).

Remaining funds pay freelancers to transcribe the audio to text. This does not guarantee a quality of text suitable for publishing, but it does assure access to the information.

If you have English literacy skills and would like to improve the quality of the text to make it more suitable for publishing, consider volunteering to our Transcription team to help with proofreading.


    • I thought that at first too. I get wanting to document his great mind and work but it would benefit the world so much more if that money was put into helping get the word out about his ideas in a huge way. That’s what big companies and corporations do. They pay celebrities and government officials to endorse and promote whatever they want you to buy or believe and actually brainwash society into doing whatever they want. We as a human race are slaves and are too ignorant too see that or even want to try to understand how that happened and what we need to do to change that.

  1. I don’t agree that it’s a waste of resources, because these lectures, texts need to be reviewed and analyzed and improved…
    There can be a fundraiser for a massive advertisment.

  2. Jaques was a visionary with a beautiful soul and an awe inspiring intelligence and talent! Every word from him needs to be heard! I would dedicate myself to his work if I could. But my time here is limited. I wish our youth would listen to him. Our world might just survive.

  3. Would you please send me one lecture that has been transcribed so I can get a sense of the foundation of the lectures. Maybe send one of them that will wow me! :-)

  4. I am as the man who in fact has a resourceful vision for the future of the planet I will be forthcoming if you have me to participate in this enormous task.i will hope to here from you because I want to be a part of this as much as the firm believers that have made this project possible. Until your reply I rest.

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