Progress Report on the Transcription Project

Below you will find the progress of our efforts to transcribe 864 lectures by Jacque Fresco and the amount of funds spent. The original funds allotted to this purpose was set at $25,000 and attained from a matching donations campaign.

Included in the total percentage of work completed is the transcripts previously completed by volunteers prior to raising funds for this purpose. Volunteers previously transcribed 14% (120 transcripts).

Remaining funds pay freelancers to transcribe the audio to text. This does not guarantee a quality of text suitable for publishing, but it does assure access to the information.

If you have English literacy skills and would like to improve the quality of the text to make it more suitable for publishing, consider volunteering to our Transcription team to help with proofreading.


    • I thought that at first too. I get wanting to document his great mind and work but it would benefit the world so much more if that money was put into helping get the word out about his ideas in a huge way. That’s what big companies and corporations do. They pay celebrities and government officials to endorse and promote whatever they want you to buy or believe and actually brainwash society into doing whatever they want. We as a human race are slaves and are too ignorant too see that or even want to try to understand how that happened and what we need to do to change that.

      • What you are suggesting is just trying to beat the Capitalists at their own game of Advertising and that’s just not going to work. That’s especially true since The Venus project opposes Capitalist motives in the first place. After all, hasn’t the environmental, political, economic, and social MESS that we’re in now that has been wrought by RAW Capitalism why we need something like The Venus Project now ??? I think that a much bigger concern is how to wrest control from Capitalism to make this happen. Do you REALLY think that the Capitalists will just walk away and let The Venus Project just take over without a fight ??? I see nothing less than a political revolution from the grass roots to make this Grand Vision become anything close to a Reality.

        • Полностью согласен. В этом и загвоздка с внедрением экономической и социальной части проекта. Старая система этого никогда не позволит. Вопрос как – ясен. Остаётся вопрос Кто, когда и где это противостояние начнет.

        • I absolutely agree. These oligarchs are not just going to lay down their grand plans to remake the world. They have an agenda, and by God, they’re going to do precisely what they have been planning for many decades.

          While I agree with you that the answer isn’t in taking on the Capitalists, I disagree that it will take a violent revolution. That will likely happen because when people have nothing to lose by becoming violent, and they are literally starving, they will become violent as a perceived means to get what they need to survive.

          But, if there were a way to opt out and have a means to live in a harmonious existence with other, more focused and motivated people, I believe the recruitment of others will spring up organically.

          The need for a peaceful and productive life where you can be free to contribute to society whilst benefiting from your labors, would, at this point be so far above our current abysmal and pathetic state that there would be a waiting list for such a place that would astound you.

          I am currently working to help bring something that resembles that where I am.

        • É compreensível, mas ainda parece pertinente entrar minimamente no game, pois um pequno Hulk Buster no projeto ajudaria. Sei que posso fazer mais pelo projeto simplesmente o pintando em telas, já temos um livro onde a penúltima página é baseada no projeto – mas como artistas tem suas mazelas, ainda não foi lançado.

          Mas é aquela coisa, como somos gigantes e pequenos, devemos caminhar por caminho um tanto variados para se alcançar algum novo passo, esse projeto mudou minha vida – e me fodeu legal! Então, levando em conta que nós como habitantes ainda estamos sujeitos ao dinheiro e parte do projeto também (afinal angariar fundos é estar pertencendo ao sistema econômico) pode ser uma alternativa bem pertinente, não como solução, mas como novos olhos podendo vislumbrar.

          – Confesso que o caminho pra achar o projeto foi bem tortuoso e nem lembro de fato, mas vi outros documentários. Mas hoje temos API e pode impulsionar.

        • It shouldn’t be to hard to start setting up steward owned companies which will only exist to take the money out of capitalism and into its own charity.

    • I work in advertisement, it is to push ideas for sales. Most Things with substance are learned from the old way of word of mouth.

      Considering it is education the first thing you need is documentation. Educate yourself on the concepts while encouraging people to do the same.

      Advertisement has too many cons at the moment and would not get the Return on Investment.

      If people didn’t write down what the Greeks said, how would we have formed the American Democracy ?

      • Tyler is absolutely right. On any project, priorities have to be projected and resources allocated by degree of importance. Documentation is of utmost importance for the Venus Project teams so that resources are readily available for the public sphere so that those who want to educate themselves in order to accurately share Fresco’s research and ideas that culminated into the conceptualization and implementation of the Venus Project, can do so.

        Likewise, it should be the priority of the public who are responsive and supportive of the Venus Project, to give their time and their talents to spreading awareness about the Venus Project. It is up to the public to speak with state and local representatives who would be open to and show support for the Venus Project (i.e. Congressional Progressives) because too envision a world without monetary reliance, a world free of social and economic disparity, a clean and technologically advanced world, and a world where human labor is no longer in a position to be exploited.

        It is counterproductive to both assert that the priorities of the Venus Project team are insufficiently adjusted while also claiming they ought to do more. Maybe it’s time those of us, as public entities, to invest some of our own brain and creative power into the sphere of public awareness.

        Instead of putting your money where your mouth is, it’s put your actions where your mouth is.

        • This is so very well said. Absolutely spot on. It’s up to us to spread the word, to use our own individual talents to bring this to light to those who are unaware of what possibly could be. If we all just made an effort. It’s really that simple. Bravo Ara Claire, bravo.

        • Well said, you nailed it. There has to be a critical mass of people to push the agenda to switch from one paradigm to another or it is not going to happen. This can only happen if everyone who advocates for this change spreads the word and has documentation to show why and more importantly how we can make this happen. If uniformed people do not have access to the documentation as proof of concept they can not convince them self that it is the next best thing the world can do to progress into the future. Undoing the brainwashing that people have been conditioned into since birth is the biggest hurdle. I remember talk of a Major Motion Picture that could be made showing how the Venus Project works and why it is necessary and viable. People have been conditioned through Movies and media for years. It is one of the tactics of the military industrial complex and the financial banking system that has been most successful for their agenda. One we can use against them. However this is very expensive and one The Venus Project may not be able to afford and why they have not done it.

    • Documenting the wealth that was on Jacque’s knowledge over 101 years of devotion far outways the cost of transcription… I’m not even sure you could put a price on it.

    • Что то готовое есть? Что можно увидеть? На что уходят деньги? Только кроме макетов и фильмов пожалуйста!

    • I emailed this department many, many years ago whilst JF was still alive, I looked forward in meeting him at his Florida home. It’s very sad that you have gone about this in such a terrible manner where nothing of significance has come to fruition. For goodness sake, there’s voice to text technology that is able to transcribe the audio and scan to text software to scan hand written text for you. What you lack is someone with tech savvy skills to manage these simple tasks so that money can be better spent elsewhere! We’re currently living in terrible times and something like this could benefit from marketing in the correct manner, to get better skilled individuals involved and not only as a volunteer. Many years of reality TV has passed, I’ll say it again, you need to create a joint venture with a sympathising committee to boost funds generated from a reality TV show. Start by gaining a suitable plot of land, seek the homeless (as there are plenty) who are skilled in certain areas and help them gain necessary certification as a professional to build you the first stages of this new society, in return give them gratification that they are valuable and not a nuisance of society, shelter, food and clothing as THAT is what JF vision was, contribution between humans and not a monetary based ideology. To break away from the old you must break the mould and change the mentality to teach what is actually important (coexistence and harmony among one another and nature and earth) and so build a strong foundation upon these fundamentals and not concentrate on reward = money alone…

      Honestly, reset, reasses, get a better team together and let’s see this through.

      • Voice to text technology was tested by multiple people prior to the fundraiser for transcriptions. The results were unsatisfactory. Perhaps certain things you see are a certain way because they have to be.

      • I would love to see something like that happen. Unfortunately, these types of projects tend to only be open the already privileged.

    • Duncan, understandable that advertising might seem like an obvious first but first consider what is being advertised and what it means to advertise. Jacque Fresco was The Venus Project’s education system. Now that he is dead, who will you trust to find that same education? And where will people get this education when the advertisement attracts them to The Venus Project? The fundamental challenge confronting us is for people to gain holistic understanding of an accurate model of reality before we can collaborate to improve life on Earth for the long term. Advertising is putting the cart before the horse and was the previous mistake of the Zeitgeist Movement.

      • I don’t know… I’m just a regular person, and I’ve never heard of The Venus Project. I just found it today, very randomly while trying to google possible societies, and now I’m hooked. Advertisement isn’t evil, it’s just saying “Hey, I exist. If you’re interested in stuff like this, check me out!”

        I would’ve been interested, and people like me would’ve appreciated advertisement and brought us to this amazing project.

    • You can’t advertise to brainwashed human beings. The marketing wheel of those currently in power is too big. I’m basically the medical version of what you are all trying to do and together using science I reckon we can take out the power mongers because I have a registered sex offender in my family.

    • Religion in the old world never advertised yet they had their books in many languages and today many religion is well known worldwide. You can be the rabbit and rush things sloppy or you can take your time like the turtle and do it meticulously and methodically. When you are giving limited funding you tend to think longer term goals for larger return on rewards.

    • Agreed. The Venus project hasn’t even got a way to link all of its supporters together yet. How can it ever grow if it has no room for growth?

  1. I don’t agree that it’s a waste of resources, because these lectures, texts need to be reviewed and analyzed and improved…
    There can be a fundraiser for a massive advertisment.

    • Dear Kristo, the Venus project should not be promoted like some cheap thing, Jacques Fresco has repeatedly said that everything should be changed from the roots and even from the soil. That is, before Venus becomes a global treasure, people must find Venus, find in themselves the desire to find Venus. Of course, advertising would help the development of the project and trained people are already engaged in advertising the project, but initially people have to change so that the Venus project becomes a reality, and not an old man’s fantasy.

  2. Jaques was a visionary with a beautiful soul and an awe inspiring intelligence and talent! Every word from him needs to be heard! I would dedicate myself to his work if I could. But my time here is limited. I wish our youth would listen to him. Our world might just survive.

  3. Would you please send me one lecture that has been transcribed so I can get a sense of the foundation of the lectures. Maybe send one of them that will wow me! :-)

  4. I am as the man who in fact has a resourceful vision for the future of the planet I will be forthcoming if you have me to participate in this enormous task.i will hope to here from you because I want to be a part of this as much as the firm believers that have made this project possible. Until your reply I rest.

  5. Hi, I m from Brazil and a I have a great opportunity to provide resources to fund this project, we have a group focus in inovate Technologies, and Smart City very similar of Venyus.

    We would like to make contact ASAP, we have a window opportunity closing.

    It will be a great pleasure to share our disruptive technologies in the energy and health sector.

    Have a great day.

    • Hey how you doing I am interested in living in a smart city and help! I am a sociale worker and also educating myself in natural food! Also the power of herbs and plants! I have a small community on the netherlands with people who love and like to transcend to a higher level of conciousness!

      I would love and like to hear about the opportunities by helping and living in a community !

      I am half brasilian and half suriname !

      Let me know if we can get in touch with eachother !

      • I have listened to Jacques for years and believed in his concepts but I am now beginning to question if it sounds a bit dystopian and resembles the ‘Smart Cities’ the cabal have in mind for us. Can you point out the differences?
        Kind regards, June

  6. I have created a fuel-free engine, it can generate electrical energy, it can help the project. I really hope that the Venus project will have a future!

  7. I love your vision. I too have the same vision.. Living in a world in harmony. Better than the one we are experiencing at the moment

  8. I have been advocating for TVP for some time now, I truly believe it is the only way for us to experience true freedom and true equality. However, there are a lot of closed minded souls out there that cannot wrap their minds around the no work/no money/everything free concept and find it too good to be true. I find this mostly with the younger generations who don’t see the world changing for the better. Still I believe TVP is the best and only option for a truly happy world so I leave a link to this site whenever possible. Aloha & Mahalo.

  9. I work in advertising (digital marketing etc). I can provide this at my cost. I am CEO of Lightray Solutions.

    Let me know if interested!

    With that said, I must have missed the response on how non-participants would be treated in this society. Thank you in advance for a response.

  10. We are from Barcelona (Catalonia), we work with cellulose thermal and acoustic insulation, respectful with the environment, we love the idea of the Venus Project, for a better world, without differences and respect for our planet.

    Is there any planning of how it is planned to grow and evolve this project from Florida to other regions of the planet?

  11. We need this concept and ethos more than ever now. New sustainable eco villages and towns springing up in safe areas built by the next generation. Building life for future generations is a full time job and should be fully supported by all of humanity. Auroville in South India is a great living example of how it can and does work. Good luck and I hope we collaborate one day.

  12. I’m excited about this. Unfortunately it seems progress on this project has come to a halt. Could we maybe have access to the audio recordings without a written transcript? You know, how the original 20 classic lecture series was. This would probably speed up the release of these lectures. A status update would be very much appreciated, thank you!

  13. Can we get a status update on this project. I’m excited to hear more Fresco recordings. Maybe release as audio only and ditch the text transcript on some of these. Transcripts are a nice bonus but not really a necessity to be honest. It also seems to be what’s holding all of this back.

  14. Agree with guys. I have no idea why you can’t reveal audio even though it is a bad quality. Also, I can’t understand why people living in the USA can’t raise $15 k while their Nationwide average monthly salary rate is $5k. The question is have you already raised that sum and just pretend that you didn’t or there is something else which is holding you back from it?

  15. W.E.F doesn’t want this , as they have a better plan ( they think), almost everything will be the same but humans need to be upgraded with diffrent kind of nanotechnology, and of course our biggest mafia Rockefeller/Rotschilds/Gates don’t want to lose control of the rescources they control, and specialy not the money or gold that made this world totaly sick!
    I recently saw this project and my eyes begun to tear as I know that Jaque is totaly right about everything, but again Swiss (geneve) want to stay in control. If it was really about saving humanity or the climate then why would they not spend their Trillions into the ocean to clean it etc?
    I will tell everybody I meet /speak or know about this project and I hope maybe it can change hearts of the biggest bullies on this planet.

  16. This is really incomprehensible. The progress of 37% has stagnated. TVP has the money, but we don’t have progress for months… We don’t even have financial transparency about years 2019-2020… Something is very wrong… I have donated money for this project!

    I think they should have published all the audio lectures a long time ago. I think Fresco made a huge mistake that he didn’t write down these lectures and that he didn’t add direct scientifically correct references to his books and lectures…

    • Hi Kristo, thanks for following the project. Your concern about the progress of this project is responsible and reasonable. I too would have liked to see faster progress on this project. I can assure you that although the progress bar has not been updated recently, that the progress is over 50% and sufficient funds are still available to finish the remaining portion. Updating the progress bar is a manual process in a spreadsheet and is most efficiently done in bulk. Although many transcripts may be done, they first have to be reviewed before they are marked as complete and reflected in the progress bar.

      Regarding the time it has taken, understand that it is difficult to find transcribers at an affordable cost that agree to work on lectures of poor quality and have the skill to do so, who are willing to correct their mistakes and who work consistently and expediently (not all do). Finding such transcribers consumed some time from the outset and it resulted in a small group of less than a dozen. Also, understand that the audio must be prepared for such transcribers in order to assure the most accurate transcript possible and to avoid additional costs of correcting errors in the text. Lastly, understand that COVID slowed down transcriptions for both the transcribers and within TVP itself which is already spread thin working on multiple aspects of development simultaneously.

      I assure you that the donated funds have not gone to waste and will continue to serve the assigned purpose. Current estimations for transcriptions foresee that they will be finished in 2022.

      • The only way to stop capitalism is to use their money and abide by the rules they are a force for without allowing them to abuse our Human Rights and the Rights of Nature. Money is an imaginary power that gives rights to people to legally harm each other. Nature is as real as the laws of physics carry it. Capitalists charge for services as well as crimes they invented to protect their capitalism and their imaginary right to continue it. If Nature gets in the way, they will pay someone to destroy it. But they still need to be stopped. They are capably murderous bullies that pay people to distract the public into obeying them. Not everyone knows what we know. Capitalism is only part of the problem. It allows bad behavior. One can buy disruption with money as long as it does not disrupt the laws that protect the bank. That’s how the banksters, lawyers, law enforcers, and the heartbeat of capitalism continue. Living inside our technology is a nice way to keep an eye on it so Nature can flourish around it. That’s all that’s left after the thrill of having it all wears off being it an illusion to own all the money and stuff money can buy. That is the physics that money and the machines that count it are made of. Nature. You may respond to me on Facebook. I don’t use Email because it is a capitalist lure and too full of capitalistic lures to be able to find anything you may have responded to me through. So to save time, even if I miss it, Facebook me.

  17. Surely there is technology that can transcribe automatically to assist.

    If you upload to Youtube, their AI system (evil or not) automatically transcribes on screen for those hearing impared.

    • Duncan, certainly a good idea, however, this was tested prior to fundraising for transcriptions and the AI performance was not satisfactory, especially for poor quality audio, especially for purposes of publication. Nevertheless, thank you for thinking about how we might reduce our costs!

  18. As Duncan Hammond mentioned, there are many ways to accomplish this task for a lot less than the amount requested and probably less than has already been spent. It seems that the reluctance to publish the audio files is likely due to greed. As soon as they are posted publicly, there will no longer be a market for printing them. Seems like this was an attempt to get volunteers to type the transcripts, convert them into cogent thoughts to be printed, and then publish the lectures to make money off them. If they were truly groundbreaking, I guarantee you could find a publishing company willing to fund the transcription and printing of the lectures.

    Lastly, does nobody else see the irony in the fact that this project espouses a belief that everyone should have access to goods and services without paying (either with money, barter, or labor) but can’t seem to get people onboard with transcribing these lectures that are so important? It’s tough to get people to do something for you when they are promised absolutely nothing in return. Good luck getting the world or even a reasonably large subset of society to take on that belief. And if they actually wanted to live that life, they wouldn’t be charging people $130 for a tour of a facility in the middle of nowhere Florida.

    • Kyle, the motive for rate-limiting the release of lectures does depend on preserving their value, to an extent, but not for the purpose of making money for no particular purpose. Instead, the motive is to assure that, in the worst case scenario, the collection is able to fund its own processing and formalization at a high quality. Otherwise, it will be lost to history. Formalizing Fresco’s body of work and publishing it as a coherent collection is something that we suspect no one else will pursue except The Venus Project. The information is too obscure and the process is simply too much thankless work and too costly for anyone else to find enough motivation to do it. Instead, what will result is countless clips of audio, chopped up and out of context, scattered across the internet with little information about where such content was sourced to gain both better context and authenticity (a genuine issue in our future due to the emergence of ‘deep fakes’ that will surely mock and mimic Fresco’s content, especially as The Venus Project grows).

      Further, in long range thinking, this collection of archive items is being prepared for eternity. If you think it is underserving of such treatment, this would be contrasted with what significance many people attribute to The Venus Project as a set of ideas with timeless relevance.

      I encourage you to find the publishing company who will work on poor quality audio and adapt the often non-grammatical broken sentence structure to printed text that reads well, for free. I agree, this would be a tremendous gift to us!

  19. I would like to hear a few words from the curators of the project in the course of work with the translation! We need at least some feedback!

  20. hi I’m new here , heh so u can say I’m kinda opened to new perspectives that didn’t exist to me
    and especially coming from a African country that is high on religion literally being born in the church brainwashed from birth its no easy task to overcome but some how i was made to see the bigger picture i am a scientist in the making i don’t know it all and truth be told the Venus projects has holes in it , but its a better and cleaner way to survive it coming to being will probably reduce crime by 80% as most of it is influenced by desperate people but we should also acknowledge new threats that can arise from new thinking new incentives because after all
    what are we but curious creators..

  21. I think the concept of what you are doing is intriguing and an awesome concept. I do find it ironic that it requires Capitalism to make it a reality. To obtain the resources needed to even start the project will require a great deal of capital. People that can contribute must feed their families and themselves. Once you have established a small community that is self reliant and offers a seed of what you are proposing, you can expand.

    The initial problem you have is the same that all communal societies face and that is dealing with human factors like ambition, self gratification, security and the sort. You have no ability to provide people with the basic needs (food, shelter, clothing etc..) yet propose they give up their provide you with the capital necessary to fund the project that will eliminate their need for capital that is needed to fund the project… well you can see the chicken or the egg cycle.

    An idea of this magnitude requires that it be done in small evolutionary increments. Small changes over time that will lead to the end result. Pushing documents out and educating the masses will not achieve the desired goal.

    Start with the research center and convince enough smart people to get involved to design new technologies that society will clearly benefit from and you will give your project credibility.

    You don’t need transcribers, you need marketing professionals that can reach out to the correct people. Sell the idea.

  22. The vast resources, monetary and otherwise, under the ever rotating door used globally by politicians to convert their political power to currency in and of itself makes it virtually impossible to use similar tactics of manipulation. Even casting aside the moral argument against using manipulation of the public towards “justifiable” means still forgets that the paradigm shift that is proposed is out of line with the vested interests of those with the majority of the world’s monetary resources, power, and positions. They are not in their positions b/c they lack the motivation and desire to build wealth. Consequently, the sheer cost of beating the designers of this game is many orders of magnitude less likely than I care to believe. Furthermore, one may argue that it may be easier and less expensive to seek to initiate changes in the areas in which the “ruling class” draws their power. Legislature regarding common ownership, the distribution of unbiased media, illuminating the ugliness that the current system constantly creates as a result of the centralization of power/currency, informing the public of viable alternative that could lead to increasing cases of upward socioeconomic mobility, legislature and governance over the rights of corporations, institutions whose goals are aligned with those of the “ruling class”, the power of the world bank and the imf over the populations living in developing countries, political corruption, and so much more. I whole heartedly believe that if it were possible to revert or eliminate the rights given to corporations(as I know they exist in the U.S.) in the manner they are today we would gain a much greater ability to initiate positive changes throughout the world. As they always say “follow the money” would suggest that by taking away rights reserved for living beings from corporations could negatively affect their influence over our governments . There are individuals who hold positions in government that have common interests as we do. The problem is that the power no longer lies heavily in governments. We have started to increasingly up the pace towards globalization. This isn’t inherently bad for the populace, though, while under the influence of those who cherish the quick buck over an optimistic and better future seek to exploit wherever possible for more and more despite the costs. The world is their bank to draw from and we are the source of their capital. It’s hard for me to imagine a reality in which we all come together despite the effort put into maintaining and increasing our divisions. We are all simply living beings sharing the same world. Neither the amount of melanin in our skin nor what we believe in define who we are. We must start believing in ourselves again, in our own ability to sustain our societies/cultures, we must invite civil discourse in order to make better decisions that will make our world start to look better than it was the day before. The planet we inhabit is forgiving and such a beautiful place to live in. We owe it to our children and to the rest of the world to make changes that can help create a society that empowers us all offers opportunity. This will require work and lots of it. But more importantly it will require us to look within at the the things we may regularly cast aside our gaze from and improve ourselves. From there on we must build love and compassion between ourselves and our neighbors. Only once we give respect to others will it ever be possible to unite in a way that is necessary for large scale change. I hope to see even a glimpse of what I imagine stepping in the right direction would look like; even if only on my last day on this earth. Knowing that we were strong enough to try to unify our efforts towards such a goal would fill my heart with happiness. We are a clumsy and young society. We have to fall before we can truly walk with integrity. It’s important that we’ve made mistakes. Without having made mistakes there would be no long lasting likelihood of such change to last. These are only the ramblings of someone who feels that a future without the greed, violence, indulgence, and degradation is possible. I thank all those who share similar thoughts especially people who take actions such as Jacques.

  23. Its quite odd that one of the proposed goals of TVP is to apply tech to automate boring tasks, yet this project is wasting resources on manually trascribing lectures??

    Most of the goals are already being worked on all around the world (architecture, tech, free energy), what exactly does this project contribute other than listening to Jacques lectures?? And why are these lectures so important to building this ‘resouce based society’. Aren’t we living in a resouce based world already?

    • Before intervening in a peremptory manner on the site, inform yourself precisely and watch the conferences of Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows, or read at least one of their books, in particular “Prosperity without paying the price”.

      In reality, we are currently in an economy based on profits, not resources. Because resources are currently rationalized through the market and money, as well as all the indicators that underlie them (GDP growth, full employment) and the value system that governs them (money, work, nation, religion). All of this is abstract and incompatible with physical reality.

      Money creates an artificial scarcity of resources, whereas in an advanced civilization the only criteria for resource allocation is the availability of planetary resources, and it is science and technology that create abundance. Labor and money have been valued, and the nation built, to respond to this world of scarcity.

      In summary, we must move from barbarism, a world ruled and shaped by businessmen, bankers, lobbies and bigots of all kinds, to civilization, a world ruled by scientists, engineers, and cybernetics, where technology is harnessed to its highest social potential. Which is not the case today and will not be, despite all the innovations you mention, as long as we remain in this archaic paradigm of profit which rules the roost.

  24. Is it really so hard to program the grafic correctly? It switches between 37% and 49% if you refresh this page… Come on… :D

  25. Good afternoon, friends and colleagues.
    I have been interested in this idea for a long time and want to start doing it. Regarding the place where this project was trying to be realized, I understand that the project is rather dead than alive. I consider it impossible to defeat the capitalist machine! We just won’t be allowed to do this! Based on this, I am looking for people who are ready to continue this project, but in a different place. For further advancement, we have everything you need (these are ideas). Now you and I need patience and work to implement it!
    It is difficult for me to communicate in your language, but I will try to gather everyone in a place. I am ready to develop and I think my language will not be a problem. I look forward to your letters. Time is really short.

  26. Я не знаю прочитаете ли вы данный комментарий. Если есть люди которые хотят спасти эту планету и все на ней человечество, то пожалуйста обратитесь к Илону, думаю этот человек будет рад сделать все чтобы мир стал чистым и прекрасным. Если конечно моё мнение о нем правильное.

    • Илон Маск в эти дни глубоко задумался о далеких местах, а не на этой планете. Он был бы одним из подходящих людей для создания прототипа сообщества проекта Венера, которое также вносит свой вклад в остальную планету своим примером.

  27. O que vai destruir o capitalismo? Nada, porque nao há ismos, mas a interferência do Estado. O Estado deve cair e ele ja está cambaleando. Tem muito comunista safado no meio dessa ideia do Projeto venus, só falam de capitalismo, mas quando essa porcaria das Big Techs financiam movimentos separatistas ninguém reclama de capitalismo. Somente a economia DESCENTRALIZADA e a queda do Estado dará inicio as rleações comerciais livres que jamais deixarão de existir. Projeto Venus é o mesmo sonho babaca do comunismo de estabelecer o céu na terra, igual Testemunhas de Jeová, Cientologistas, Espíritas e suas cidades, astrais e as cidades cabalisticas. Um monte de m…. Adeus Estado, o mundo está em colpaso e a economia descentralizada está aí. O Estado não vão tomar nossas moedas. Vocês estão perdendo tempo e sendo roubados.

    • O livre comércio é uma crença, ainda mais do que o comunismo. O mercado e o dinheiro são de fato a anomalia e não a regra na história humana. Ressalto a vocês que mais de 10.000 anos se passaram antes do surgimento do capitalismo. Acreditar que esse seria o horizonte insuperável da espécie humana não é apenas insultar a inteligência do público, mas é ter uma visão muito pobre e ignorante da humanidade.

      Os acérrimos defensores do capitalismo têm interesse em semear a desmoralização e o fatalismo, além da pseudociência habitual, para continuar a reinar. Isso é exatamente o que você está procurando fazer aqui.

      Nosso mundo é arcaico porque é baseado em fanatismo (dinheiro, trabalho, religião, nação), que move mentes como você. E quando a arrogância chega a ser enxertada na ignorância, ela dá o pior, com uma mitologia bem estabelecida que se perpetua de geração em geração, segura de si mesma que é, e que só por ela se justifica.

      Além disso, você que afirma que o Estado é um problema, nunca lhe ocorreu a possibilidade de se perguntar por que a humanidade tem sido tão “ocupada” nos últimos séculos para se governar se seu paradigma de livre mercado era tão virtuoso?

      Você acha que onde o mercado é livre, a civilização avança? Ou seja, sociedades onde todo o potencial da humanidade é explorado porque não desperdiça sua vida ganhando (trabalhando para justificar sua existência), porque vive em harmonia consigo mesma e com o meio ambiente, e porque não precisa construir prisões, exércitos e polícia?

      O Estado foi criado para orientar ou regular o capitalismo. Mesmo que o Estado não seja um fim em si mesmo, felizmente ele está presente no mundo de hoje, caso contrário seria a lei do mais forte. Você é português, acredita que seus filhos não seriam escravizados, por exemplo, se não houvesse progressistas para mudar mentalidades e estabelecer leis? Você acha que sempre trabalharia de 36 a 40 horas por semana em vez de 130 a 140?

      Pense um pouco e abra alguns livros de história antes de falar bobagem.

      Onde o lucro faz a lei, não há moral nem ética, portanto não há consideração pela humanidade. A riqueza já está muito longe de ser distribuída de forma justa, mas se não houvesse regulador (o Estado), seria muito pior. Se os empresários não forem enquadrados, farão de tudo para maximizar seus lucros privados. O capitalismo não é um sistema moral e nunca será. Especialmente porque não devemos subestimar o poder da inteligência metodológica do poder capitalista, que sabe usar as mais poderosas molas psicológicas e emocionais.

      Até agora, o comunismo nunca foi aplicado. As experiências do século passado, como a China e a Coreia do Norte, não foram nada além de capitalismo de Estado tingido de nacionalismo. Valor do trabalho, nacionalismo e autoritarismo são a antítese do comunismo.

      Uma economia descentralizada não mudará esse problema. Um capitalismo local ou global permanece um capitalismo que não ataca a raiz dos problemas da humanidade, ou seja, aqueles que a escassez causada artificialmente pelo dinheiro cria.

      O dinheiro era justificado em um mundo onde não havia tecnologia há um século. Hoje, o problema é o dinheiro, e essa economia de mercado com seus indicadores abstratos (crescimento do PIB, pleno emprego etc.), incompatíveis com a vida e o meio ambiente.

      O Projeto Vênus é baseado no método científico, enquanto a Cientologia e as Testemunhas de Jeová são crenças. A diferença é enorme, então suas comparações, além de serem profundamente ofensivas, não resistem nem por um segundo. Neste caso, aqui é você que está na crença porque tudo o que você diz é baseado apenas no condicionamento e no conformismo, absolutamente nada que não seja comprovado cientificamente.

      Em suma, e o Projeto Vênus ainda está acima dessa dicotomia “capitalismo/comunismo”, porque desafia o paradigma da escassez graças às máquinas e robôs. Não há necessidade de leis dentro da economia porque estamos em um mundo de escassez.

    • Eatan, I have translated this for you so that others may have an unedited idea of your point which is very important. I did not edit it for grammar or spelling. Thank you for your input and literary contribution.
      Eatan, he traducido esto para ti para que otros puedan tener una idea sin editar de tu punto, lo cual es muy importante. No lo edité por gramática u ortografía. Gracias por tu aporte y aporte literario.
      What are you going to destroy or capitalism? Nothing, because there are no isms, but the interference of the State. The State must fall and the election is wobbled. Many a communist is outraged by this idea of ​​the Venus Project, only a falam of capitalism, but when this porcaria of Big Techs finances separatist movements, no one claims capitalism. Only the DECENTRALIZED economy and the remainder of the State will begin the free trade relations that will never cease to exist. Projeto Venus is the same dream of babaca communism to establish the céu na terra, the same Testemunhas de Jeová, Scientologists, Spiritists and their cities, astrais and cabalistic ascities. A mountain of me…. Goodbye State, the world is in collapse and the decentralized economy is there. The State will not take our coins. You are losing time and being robbed.

  28. WOW what a disappointment. I was expecting to see many hi tech projects here, transcription really? Where’s the pooling of resources for the betterment of mankind. Quantum Medicine is almost here, it cures. Quantum field energy is on the horizan, replicators, garbage refineries, warp drive and more.
    The Venus Project is a hoax.


      “As students of Jacque Fresco striving to implement real-world projects that aim toward the vision, we would benefit greatly from these lectures as sources of information, being made more easily accessible, searchable, and citable. Without this, we fear losing the foundation that set The Venus Project in motion. As we enter into high-stakes projects that consume our time and resources, accomplishing this foundational task may become less likely. Therefore, a strong sense of urgency arises.”

      “These funds will help us secure The Venus Project’s foundations by fully accounting for Jacque Fresco’s contribution and set the stage for scholarly research aimed at better understanding existing problems and potential solutions. This will lay the groundwork for research programs at the Center for Resource Management that, in turn, lays the foundation for a transdisciplinary field dedicated to a science of Earth management.”

    • Hoaxers don’t dedicate their entire lives to Humanitarian acts such as long-range futuristic projects like The Venus Project. Project’ means it’s not done yet. Jack initiated the need and all these smart outgoing people have put together a format to pursue Jack’s idea. He was a talented structural engineer and Humanitarian. Walt Disney tried the same kind of thing but Jack took it a little farther into the future. The one we are working with right now. Thank you for your interest. I hope we can get that warp drive for you.

  29. Hi, All, have read most, not all the Comments. What’s with the focus of the transcripts. Shouldn’t you just apply at the appropriate tab. Learn & Help. Here I am, watching the Video’s & podcasts, writing everything down, rewinding, writing, it gives you a sense of release & it makes me feel better when I write things down. Makes soo much sense to re-read what I had written, from Jacque, Roxanne & The Venus Project Team.
    As Gore Vidal, quoted “Once A Writer always a Writer” unquote. Fascinating & Very Interesting Writer & his Step-sister married the President of the US. His cousin was Jimmy Carter.
    I was soo intrigued with his Brilliant mind as well. Just fascinating. Lool. Yeah!! I am one of those writers he’s quoted about, no published works, who cares. I can still read an inmates hand-writing, & they never went to school, straight into the penal system. They are even intrigued. I can read their hand-writing, just as if I was reading my own comments. Lool.
    So I don’t have to transcribe. If, I did offer my services for free, it would be for clean air, clean water, non-contaminated food. As I just found out about TVP a few days previous. I am bringing myself up to speed & getting the gist of all this. I am yet to Zoom meet with my TVP Support Volunteer. And to put me out of my misery. Lool. In my mind I am already in my Dome House, functioning & working at the Research Centre. Lool. As Jacque said Money is an interference, becos!!! it limits our ability & it limits our dreams. Dare to dream beyond the limitations. that’s my Tidbit. To Pamela-Nov 29,2021.”The Venus Project is a hoax”. Woohoo!!! you sound like a Scientist on the rise. So is the Covid 19 Virus it’s proven to be a computer generated hoax. Most know the creator of the PCR Test, are you familiar with him Pamela, considering Quantums all over the where’s.Has this virus, got a workable alternative to secure, protect & assure a more humane world for all thru the application of technology & cybernetics with human & environmental concern. Thanks for Sharing Pamela, much appreciated & grateful.

  30. Hello,

    I am one of the volunteers for The Venus Project Project Support and Transcription Team.

    I thought volunteering was going to be a breeze and I verbally mentioned how I will live and breathe this stuff, but circumstances proved otherwise. The funding has been helping us focus on fine-tuning the transcriptions so it is as presentable as possible.

    Nathanael has also mentioned that the progress for the Transcription Project is over 50% and is likely to be finished in 2022. It seems to be a phenomenal feat.


  31. Why are you playing so small? I mean .. all worried about a few thousands of dollars.. do you realize that there are people out there who spend 25,000 on a night out? And these people to keep their image would gladly spend a few million of it gets them good publicity as far as being part of the solution instead of the problem.
    I mean .. seriously grow your sights.. I for one am working with some financially stable investors however I apparently am not good enough to warrant a response from Venus Project other than “do you have money” … and I wrote saying will raise it if I knew how much to raise .. and no response so you know what? I mean read the comments.. its a freaking crime that this info has remained hidden so long because y’all choose to play and think small .. very sad… I think you need new life in your organization because I mean this is all going to just go to sleep as the big business wants it to ..

    So .. if you can’t grace me with a response then I will do it myself .. when I have “enough money” for your attention I would like to know how to get a team on a plan for a certain island I have in mind … but again .. am I not good enough to answer since I am no dignitary?

    Seriously folks don’t waste you fingers typing your comments because they don’t listen anyway … they are so freaking cerebral and have their heads so far up their asses that they have no clue of the possibilities.. is there any creative beings there or just scientist that have no idea how to do things with out waiting on a “grant’ … or whatever …

    So whatever you keep your little settlement for school visits etc.. and I will get something done!

    Who is with me ?

  32. hi listen to keep money coming in might i suggest using a 3d printed simple original house design and possible some kind of air craft or robot and dsign a 3d printing room youll make
    alot more money

    plus do an every and sell bird eggs parrots with incubators like from jurrassic park

  33. Hi

    There is a great Dutch book made in 1969 about that is a story about resource based economy….

    But it’s more then that it explains why and the how you do it.. Like why a universal basic income doesn’t work.. It works but the way we do it is bound to fail…. The social concept also needs updating..

    It only really works if you use the the cosmic Ideology and it is very detailed but it also has a few major flaws because it’s a Dutch book but the since the conversation was done in English the writer desided to translate all the English diolog into Dutch and there he made a few errors that kinda made the solution to some of the problems unreadable.

    I’m working on a updated version of the book where I have fixed the errors in both Dutch en English version… That are almost done..

    Also this book has not the same name on the cover but the English version has the name on the cover but it’s also in the Dutch version…. Where you find out why they make the book so hard to figure out…

    The Dutch name is “buitenaardse beschaving” and the English version was named…. “Operation survival earth”

    Mind tho the book and ebook has still got the errors in them…

    And the book is for a reason easy to start but further in the book it’s way harder…
    I’ve been reading this book for almost 40 years and last 2 years
    I’ve really studied the book and see why it was so hard to read… And that’s how I found the errors a lot more….

    It should be a intresting read by the members of the venus project wants more info let me know..

  34. Dear TVP,

    Jacques hinself advocated for automation and technology to elevate our minds above the traditional labour models; I saw the comment about using speech to text tools and how they were unsuccessful, and all i can think is those reviewing the options weren’t looking hard enough. Microsoft cognitice services would do this, heck even the dictate functionion of word online could do this.

    I have noticed though, when commenting on posts on social platforms that TVP appears to be biased away from engaging in capitalist approaches or tools, which is odd, because Jacques Fresco spoke often of the influence from within the system, and guiding a new approach through discussion, questioning and persuasion, not head on trying to devalue the belief system of others (his talk on the KKK is a prime example) – you guys seem to have lost your way a little, and appear disconnected and almost cult-like now. Which is a terrible shame. You need to better engage with the masses. Link up with the UN 17 sustainable development goals, show the world whatbis possible and grow. Use technology to aid, and move away from long disengaging text based monologue, be seen, show the human elements behind TVP.

  35. Hello, i am french,

    Je connais Pierre-Alexandre PONANT.
    Il est situé comme président de ce projet en France.
    Le problème n’est pas vraiment que le capitalisme, mais c’est surtout la façon dont ont éduques les enfants le véritable problème.
    Mettre en place des écoles privées dans le monde entier peut-être une excellente alternative pour prendre le mal par les racines.
    Le projet “The Venus Project” est magnifique, c’est un travail extraordinaire.
    Imaginez toutes les manifestations du monde entier se mettant au service de ce projet, ce serait extraordinaire.
    Une école privée permettrait de générer des élèves avec une meilleure capacité de réflexion sur monde qui nous entoure. Comme en Finlande, les élèves réfléchissent par eux-mêmes, la collaboration assurée plutôt que la compétition.
    Merci pour tout.

  36. E a respeito de festas, vídeo-games, entretenimento?
    Eu não cheguei a ver isso descrito – ao menos não onde meu olhos puderam enxergar.

    Eu sofri muito com o projeto, tanto quanto a possibilidade quanto a inviabilidade, isso enquanto andava no meu pantanal me encaminhando pra escrever isso, talvez. Mas sinto um desespero na apresentação da arte dentro do projeto – ou cores, multicolorido. Não sei como isso se aplicaria, mas essa ausência parece também afastar. Ao imaginar a tal sociedade perfeita, acabei percebendo que se não há evidências da fuzarca algo pode surgir do além, um demiurgo (ref.: Digimon). Faz parte do projeto que estou envolvido pensar nisso, mas visando um presente próximo, mas sinto que isso parece afastar uma parte de mim do projeto, principalmente a criança interna que vai fazer coisas malucas inevitavelmente.

    Em suma, me refiro ao momento presente e divulgações dos espaços destinados a isso, pra movimentar ainda mais, minha alma do funk brasileiro clama por espaços assim, nem sei se seria pra mim, mas para quem sentisse interesse. O que vale lembrar “O Papa é Pop, o Pop não poupa ninguém”.

    – E me remete a uma pergunta, existe algo assim em meio aos arquivos do projeto? Pois do contrário uma hora isso aí vai ser pichado, inevitavelmente.

  37. Time for a sanity check:

    It’s 2023. Manual and speech-to-text transcription has yielded to A.I. bulk transcription complete with timestamps, auto-correction and everything. Going by the scant data available, there must still be enough funds left to complete the transcription project, but at this point it shouldn’t even cost more than a few dollars per audio hour anymore.

    I’m just a random guy who’s been following the project for some years now.

  38. Kudos for the daring to go up against the power elite. They, however, have had a long term plan which has turned kinetic here in my area of N. California. I’m speaking specifically of the Tubbs and Paradise ‘forest fires’; likely microwave tech from satellites that have burned and melted metal , glass, and composites while leaving dry tree leaves and needles, wooden fences, and plastic garbage containers.. More recent is the Lahaina Fire. These land grabs and continued eugenics favor a tiny elite as clearly outlined by corrupt entities such as the WEF and U N Agenda 2030. Few will dispute we’re experiencing a gut wrenching denouement regarding the confluence of planned destruction of the social structures, medicine, education, etc. The spraying of deleterious metals and poisons into the atmosphere alongside the Covidian bio warfare, programming which succeeds in deluding a majority all coincide with our present collapse of the debt based monetary system

    One of my earliest memories was my grandmother talking with someone about politics while I was prompted to parrot the slogan,”I like Ike”. Well indeed, I like him for speaking out concerning the military industrial complex, however, Kennedy was the last major politician to buck the system. Today’s parody of a leader, President Biden, may well be our last in America.

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