Educational Materials & Quiz

To join our teams

We have prepared a set of educational materials that we would like to ask you to go through before working with us. The materials are intended to introduce you to certain topics that we consider fundamental to The Venus Project’s direction and proposals. In this way, you will get a better understanding of the values within our working environment.

Please note: this is intended just as an introduction to these topics. It cannot be considered as an educational level that you complete.

1. Introductory Information
  1. Watch What the Future Holds Beyond 2000
  2. Watch Introduction to a Resource Based Economy
  3. Read the Resource Based Economy page
  4. Read The Venus Project page
  5. Finally, take Quiz 1: Introductory Information

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2. The Choice is Ours
4. Website Review

After you complete the materials and quizzes, you will receive a Non-Disclosure Agreement for your review and signature, and then you will be invited to our volunteer environment.

Thank you for your initiative and effort, and we hope to collaborate soon.