What Determines our Behavior?

Similarly to all other living creatures’, our behavior is determined largely by the factors in our environment. The combination of influences throughout the countless events in our lives build our character and we assume a role in our society. From the time our biological senses start to develop, different environmental influences have impact on us to various degrees altering our perception of the world and thus our behavior. Evidently, early childhood development reflects most behavioral habits in adults. The culture we currently live in reinforces the habits that we acquired while growing up and many undesirable behaviors are just products of long exposure to detrimental environments.

Creative Environments

In a global Resource Based Economy most environments are designed to encourage creativity in all aspects of life. A systems approach to city design results in highly effective construction methods combined with minimum resources usage. In many places around the world the natural environment might determine the city design and construction methods. The cities would function as research and development centers, informing people all over the world about the latest scientific and technological developments as well as current global projects and events, acting as university cities.

City Systems

We propose city systems suitable for different environmental conditions. In most areas where the land is flat the optimal solution would be circular cities. Total enclosure systems would be more suitable for places where the natural environment is hostile to humans. Cities in the sea would act as laboratories for the study of marine sciences as well as the reclamation and intelligent utilization of the oceans.

Cities in the Sea

sea city

A global network of such cities in the sea can easily accommodate many millions of people and relieve the land based population pressures along with the treat of rising sea […]

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Total Enclosure Systems

Total enclosure appartment tower

Places with inhospitable conditions such as polar and equatorial regions have prevented us in thoroughly investigating their potential. Total enclosure systems, above ground and subterranean, provide a high standard of […]

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Circular Cities

Circular Cities

It would be far easier and would require less energy to build new, efficient cities than to attempt to update and solve the problems of the old ones. We believe […]

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