Total Enclosure Systems

Places with inhospitable conditions such as polar and equatorial regions have prevented us in thoroughly investigating their potential. Total enclosure systems, above ground and subterranean, provide a high standard of living and enable their inhabitants to investigate regions, generally unsuitable for human activity, for longer periods of time.

Subterranean Cities

Subterranean City

Drawing of a subterranean city.

Total Enclosure Skyscrapers

Total enclosure skyscraper.

Total enclosure skyscraper.

Skyscrapers would be constructed of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel and glass. They will be stabilized against earthquakes and high winds by three massive, elongated, tapered columns. These support structures surround the cylindrical central tower, which is 150 feet wide. The tripod-like structures are reinforced to diminish compression, tension, and torsion stresses.

In some places these skyscrapers will assure that more land will be available for parks and wilderness preserves, while concurrently helping to eliminate urban sprawl. Each one of these towers will be a total enclosure system containing an access center, as well as child care, educational, health, and recreational facilities. This will help alleviate the need to travel to outside facilities.